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Raza Ahmad Rumi Jun 13
Many young men & women who think that Asif Zardari’s arrest is something of a major ‘victory’ or ‘accountability.’ The fog of propaganda keeps them ill-informed. Zardari spent over 11 years in jail between 1990-2004. He was released under Gen Musharraf in 2004!
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FactsMatter 11h
Replying to @kayprism
First, he was NOT handcuffed when he was shot. Secondly, because he was a father does not mean he was not a criminal, you can be both. Third, he was not shot over a warrant, he was shot because of his actions while being arrested. Fourth, that woman is an idiot.
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Ajay Vasoya 16h
Because knowledge has beginning but no ending...😉
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HotCakesHotTake Jun 14
This , let’s remember a time in politics when war heroes were honored and draft dodgers weren’t, when human decency was a virtue, and when everyone agreed that
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CB 17h
Replying to @Lindsey924 @eveappeal
So lying to women to get them through the door is ok? Subjecting hundreds, thousands of healthy women to invasive treatment without any need because you’ve put the fear of god into them over a very rare cancer is ok? It matters.
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Bronwyn💜#NotOneMore #H2HelpStSiM💜 9h
Replying to @BrantleyLesoy
Are you including the non white people who sold other non white people into slavery? Or those who cont8nue modern slavery?
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Alex 30s
He said "peace to the middle east" as Syria continues to get bombed into oblivion
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Pamela RG 21h
Replying to @nationalpost
There is no such crisis. The Premier of Quebec refused to sign that partisan letter sent by Conservative premiers to PM because he knows it is untrue and partisan. Stop making a fake crisis with your fake news.
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Backup #3 4h
It Is NOT Illegal To Take Information From A Foreign Government If You Are Running For Office! It IS Illegal To Take Something Of Value. The Law Does NOT Consider Information To Be Something Of Value.
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FactsMatter 21h
No need to wonder, how they comply, or don't, usually determines the outcome.
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John Cooper Jun 14
I really get frustrated when lawyers criticise the medical profession for rockstar specialists. The law is no different when we constantly hear of high priced silks.
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🏳️‍🌈TanTalicsage [TeEm] [OTSS] [SC] 🏳️‍🌈 Jun 13
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Rachel Rochette 6h
Replying to @ODST_One_X @dyllyp
They were responding to a shoplifting charge. One woman got out of the car and was arrested. At that time they discovered she had MISDEMEANOR warrants. The woman they threatened to kill while holding a baby had NO warrants.
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Jan Lella - UniteWomenFL 7h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
The stock market increased by 31% during your first 2 yrs. During the same period of Obama’s 1st term, the Dow rose from 8,280 to 12,696, a growth of 65%.
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Paula M 19h
So then you don't believe in the 10 commandments ... good to know hypocrite!
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💦 Mark Dickenson the system is broken fight it Jun 8
Replying to @duncanbourne
No, they didn't. Turnbull asked Parkinson to investigate the Campion scandal and it led back to his office and it was terminated.
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True son of the Soil Jun 14
We are African. We are all shades of brown genetically. Even those calling themselves white or black brothers and sisters. Just different shades of God's creation. We all bleed red, we all can choose to love or hate. is taught not born!
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James Wong Jun 7
Do you think sugar intake is ‘sky rocketing’, meaning we now eat more than ever? There’s really NO good science to back this claim. In fact, the best evidence we have suggests the opposite is true. Full story in my column.⬇️
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Chris B. 23h
was not one of the best films of the year! Wade Robson and James Safechuck greedy liars!!!!! FUCK YOU OWEN!!!!! YOU’RE A RACIST PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!
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Delilah's Mama Jun 15
Spent hours reading 400 pages of the mueller report. You should try reading for yourself!
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