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Stephen Chase 1h
Unlike you, I prefer to live in the REAL world, where glaciers (globally) and Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are melting; the World is warming; extreme weather events are becoming MORE common; and the earth is round NOT flat.
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Anthony Albanese 1h
Replying to @robwmitchell1
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Bad Girl Productionz Oct 13
Actual MOB & Racists You are currently supporting! 🚨⬇👊🇺🇸
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Don Goyo 2h
Replying to @librarycongress
INVADED the island and made it an American colony.
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PseudoMe777 12h
If you love America and the constitution, you HAVE TO SEE THIS Film called "ACTIVE MEASURES". Russia is actively attacking America and our President is doing NOTHING about it... WHY?
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Thomas Lackey 23h
Replying to @krassenstein
You're correct, and you sir are .
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Cyn Pryce Oct 12
I knew from day 1 something was off. Tsarnaev gets away from Swat, FBI, Helicopters, K9s after being shot dripping blood in same shootout his brother was killed. Is he Superman. Does not add up.
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Jarica Davis #BeAVoter 1h
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Gee Foo 9h
Replying to @bartonsimmons
It is a Fact that this decision by Bosa is celebrated alot differently than Fournette decided to miss ONE BOWL GAME.
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Leemorgan 1h
Instead of sitting in your house all day getting high maybe you should go outside. Then get high.
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Alison Norris 3h
Beto worked with Senator Cornyn to introduce bipartisan legislation that would increase staffing along the border and help secure our ports of entry.
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JAMES #GhostOfAmericanDemocracy #VoteBlue 51m
Read Murphy Read !!!!!!!!!
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Hubernator 8h
Replying to @LyleShelton @simonahac
I’m going to say this slowly, Lyle: Ian Plimer is a liar.
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Shree Khare 4h
Obviously, the media isn’t interested in the truth, but rather ratings.
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Cory Schack Oct 17
Replying to @seanhannity
Yes and it took workers for over a year threatening to strike while steel companies made huge profits
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Chris Riti 7h
She didn't. SECRETARY CLINTON beat out Mushroom Cap in LA, but not with 144% of the vote. And don't pretend this isn't about party. A historically Red county stop a historically Blue voting demographic and you want to pretend it isn't?
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Elvis Fan Oct 17
Replying to @HouseGOP
yes..your highly uninformed voters do not know truth from a hole in the ground..and will dismiss anything counter to the lies u spoonfeed them. The truth is the red states are the welfare states. Mass. amt of $ went into hands of 1% giving false boost to stock market
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arrow252525 1h
Close your eyes and imagine if tonight's program re and and himself CORRUPTION were aired on EVERY network's evening news. You know,, toss a few facts abt the world we all live in now. No rose-colored glasses. , EVENTUALLY
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CaterinaM. Oct 12
Correction: Planned Parenthood’ has done much to reduce abortion rates by providing low to no cost birth control. They also have reduced mortality rates by providing birth control, STD testing, and cancer screening.
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Don Lemming 3h
They say that truth is treason in the empire of lies. That's why bad orange man calls , , and I "enemies of the people". Because to us here at NPCNN. We are your enemy orange Hitler, and we're bringing a with us!
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