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Money4English Oct 13
Replying to @rodcampsbay
The should investigate false financial promises coming from pulpits, impoverising the already poor, through misinterpreted scriptures.
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Hugh McGivern 4h
Replying to @incongru
The have taken notes from the in their communication skills and avoidance techniques
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Simon David Newell 7h
A very warm welcome to Andrew and Lisa Harvey, owners of in Launceston. What a 'proper ansome' cafe it was too! pop in when your passing!
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Fairfield School of Business 6h
is ’s driving force for development and helps us grow by means of leading a more fulfilling intellectual, moral and diverse life. 👍👏💛 FSB’s Students’ Union cordially invites you to its first annual Cultural Diversity Day. Check out our poster below ⬇️
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FSB Financial Stability Board : updates on market fragmentation work
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Gravity Digital Deb Oct 8
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ITManagement101 Blog Oct 12
Keep an eye on how many weeks are left in the financial year using our online planner at
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FSB South East 2h
Find out more about why supporting the Mental Health at Work Conference with on 16 October is so important in this recent regional voice article:
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FSB South East 3h
are pleased to be supporting the Mental Health at Work Conference in East Sussex with , taking place this Wednesday 16 October. Free for any representatives of East Sussex businesses, register here:
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Bjarne Kim Pedersen Oct 8
KREMLIN CONTROL your face recognized of state criticism control the total FSB
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Andrew James 10h
Replying to @DanielDumbrill
so u don't strike me as , u too Nancy. Judging by the attitude it's nothing that glamorous, just an angry little man hold up in his mother's basement mastubatoriam hating on the for money. I'd say it's sad, but honestly given about trolls.
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Halya Coynash Oct 8
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Federal Security Service FSB operator during mission. __________ Original equipment from Russia.   
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Liz Bosarge 🐙 Oct 12
You want to a horror story this month? Read the stories that inspired Colson Whitehead's The Nickel Boys. It's horrifying what happened to those kids at the .
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FSB East of England Oct 13
Are you an member with a small business in LU7? - pls come along to our mtg on Tue 15 Oct 7pm Alpha Marketing, we want to hear your views & ideas for this fantastic town! Register here for free:
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Nigel Stickland Oct 13
Small business in a big corporate world? The Federation For Small Businesses is there to support you Give them a call
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johan Gomez Oct 7
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FSB Greater London Oct 11
The latest edition of your members for is out now! Check your inbox for with updates on the latest news and events in your area.
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Pearl Hamilton Oct 11
Replying to @WordUpScot
Mairi, Will we easily find you at Annual Dinner ?
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Annie with an E Oct 10
Replying to @markos @billprady
Yep. He behaves like a Russian asset.
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