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Pik Mukherji Feb 20
Guys, I'm going to miss in-service review for the residency tomorrow. Weather delayed yest, cancelled again today. So I'm gonna tweet out the pearls ahead of time.
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Dr Sammy Feb 16
Has anyone implemented any systems/have any strategies for minimising interruptions in their ED? Writing an article & would love to hear how people handle the droves of ECGs/bloods/gases that need signing, giving advice, taking calls, managing flow etc
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Carl Preiksaitis Feb 17
Red flags for back pain. Think TUNA FISH. Via on
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Critical Care 16h
Earplugs in the ICU: To sleep, to dream
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Owen Wood, FP-C, NRP Feb 17
Cardiac arrest by pulmonary embolism – The Plague Doctor
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Q: A neat little rare one. What is it? ANSWER: 
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Critical Care Feb 21
Association between continuous hyperosmolar therapy and survival in patients with – a multicentre prospective cohort study and systematic review
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Radiology Signs Feb 22
Q: What disease is responsible for this non-erosive arthropathy? ANSWER: 
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Salim R. Rezaie Feb 18
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Herb Aronow, MD, MPH 8h
Giving a talk on social media pitfalls healthcare providers should avoid at & thought I’d crowdsource. What r ur top 3?
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Our brand new Trauma CT Brain online course is FREE to you for 12 months if you register by Sunday! 🎉 Get it now at
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Ivan McCann Feb 20
Rainy day thoughts: are really great at discussing our wins & jobs well done. What about our mistakes? Personally - its a tough pill to swallow at time, but discussion breeds learning & learning breeds improvement. Talk about the mistakes when you're ready.
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GomerBlog 9h
Clinic letter template: I had the pleasure of seeing your patient in clinic today. Translation: You fucking owe me big time for this one. Template: Below is a summary of my findings. Translation: What you should have already done yourself, dumbass.
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Michael Foster Feb 17
Preloading the bougie and using the pilot balloon to hold it in place.
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Sergey Motov Feb 15
No more Morphine for STEMI?: Morphine Analgesia Pre-PPCI Is Associated with Prothrombotic State, Reduced Spontaneous Reperfusion and Greater Infarct Size.
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Radiology Signs 14h
Q: This is a pretty rare one worth a look - what is the cause? ANSWER: 
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Q: Is this a fracture or something else? ANSWER: 
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David Roy, PharmD Feb 14
FFP has an INR of ~1.6. In most early studies comparing it to PCCs, primary endpoint was INR reduction to <1.2 or <1.3. Could FFP even reach the primary outcome? Treat the patient, not the number 😃
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thanks, FOAMed! 32m
There’s no exam for , everyone is right all the time. If someone tells you that you’re wrong, just say you’re doing
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Ryan Radecki 13h
You could use a decision instrument in pediatric head injury, or probably just use your own head.
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