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Reviews4you Sep 17
Everything you just wrote, that I read, made my IQ drop. SMH. RJ was given 30 alley oops and dropped the ball on all of them. TFA wasn't a great movie, barely passable at best but TLJ flat out was horribly written, had flat characters and incoherent plots and subplots.
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Zzander 14h
why does cnn say that china doesn't pay a penny for tariffs? but 2 words later says the chinese exporters pay a tax which eventually hits consumers, which is true, but don't they understand Trump is bringing back manufacturing?
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Reviews4you Sep 16
The First Order News Network
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Kimball 5h
Best meme yet when it come to 😎🥂
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T. Wallace Sep 13
Working on our first broadcast of The Weekly Basic feat. Tyler Newberry and
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Bill D ❌ Sep 15
Replying to @MarkDice
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Diederik 🇳🇱 Sep 9
The way the Elon Musk/Joe Rogan interview is represented in the news is nuts. I guess they didn't like Elon's idea of a media-rating website very much, so now they're after him. But why are they going out of their way to prove him right?
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Avtar Mahrok Sep 9
Replying to @caitoz @calebmaupin
it is truly a fake news network
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Jim Stark 42m
Replying to @CNNPolitics @CNN
How can anyone with an IQ in the single digits believe this crock, but here goes again helping manufacture more
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Randy Snyder 3h
Do screenshots of segments add to their ratings? Asking for a friend.
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Tim 4h
Replying to @CillizzaCNN
A 36 year old allegation, that shouldn’t be the jurisdiction of the FBI in the first place. More bias from the leader in . Bought and paid for agenda (women who take money for sex)
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E-Burger❌ 9h
Replying to @renato_mariotti
Getting an attorney is an admission of guilt in cnn land?
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Fred Whetzel Jr 12h
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I'm Not The One To Tell You What's Wrong Or Right 22h
Replying to @AC360 @andersoncooper
says he would never kneel in front of a man? 🤔 =
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Jim Stark 23h
Especially since they manufacture BS daily. =
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Bermuda Breeze 24h
Replying to @MZHemingway
Their motto "why let the truth get in the way of a fake news story"
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E-Burger❌ Sep 17
Fake news sticking up for what is really important these days.
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ko-ji_suzuki Sep 17
The latest Daily “kj_szk”!
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🇫🇷Speaking The Truth🇨🇦 Sep 15
Replying to @RyanAFournier @CNN
are finally learning not to follow aka or what was called
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Simon Paul Sep 15
Ha Ha - Fake News at it again
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