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FBI Jun 17
honors Special Agent Raymond Caffrey, , who was a victim of the “Kansas City Massacre” in 1933, where he & three law enforcement officers were killed by “Pretty Boy” Floyd & gang, when returning a prison escapee to Leavenworth, KS.
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carol 3m
I've just watched episode S01E22 of FBI!
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Ramola D Jun 10
Replying to @APA @ICC @GOP
: Do you think et al shd be permitted to NeuroSurveil you, NeuroMonitor you, NeuroModify you, NeuroInfluence you, HIDE it all under , then call you Mentally Ill to Discredit you & shut yr witness down?
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Dick Wolf Plotting Crossover Between and / Universe
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Lowther | Walker LLC 4h
Former Agent Is Indicted in a Case Involving St. Louis’s - The New York Times
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Hobbester 5h
Can’t the go to the and start investigating these tourist deaths? Sounds like the bootleg alcohol they supply is deadly. Who knows what they put in it.
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FBI Jun 14
Replying to @FBI
Violent Crimes Against Children International Task Force (VCACITF) consists of online child exploitation investigators from around the world & includes members from over 40 countries, who work side-by-side with the sharing information.
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Thomas Miller 1h
lazur is a scam look out they stiffed 382737 people we must put a stop to this madness get this viral we must warn every one
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Boogalooboi 9h
My FBI agent watching me make another account which just gives him more evidence against me
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FBI Jun 15
Today, the world recognizes World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, and the is ratcheting up efforts to combat the financial exploitation of those 60 and older. To learn more, listen to FBI, This Week:
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Samantha Markle 6h
I am back. Twitter trolls cant keep me away. Leave my account alone or be delete my followers but you can not delete me! Cease and detest.
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Game Boy Swag 10h
jealous woman does better research than
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FBI Omaha 4h
Acting SAC John Barrios and the Omaha family honors Special Agent Raymond J. Caffrey, who was killed in a gun battle known as the “Kansas City Massacre” on June 17, 1933. Caffrey was born in May 1902 in McCook, NE, and attended Creighton University.
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Rev JES-US Patriot 1h
Replying to @FBIBaltimore
Spec Agent Boone we MUST stop LEFT CRIMINALS using KIDS & WOMEN in SEX & HATE CRIMES in SCHOOLS, Soc Serv, LIBRARIES, etc. Del #1. Far as East Africa where 2 US Fem LEOs used 2 UK girls on plane-UK 2 Kenya + Temple U Prof/Fam + a PI whose wife was an MD from MD. POLYGRAPH US
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Linda Marie Lovison Jun 17
Sept. 3, 2016 Hillary Clinton email investigation: FBI notes reveal laptop and thumb drive missing laptop and a thumb drive used to archive ’s emails from her time as Secretary of State are missing, according to notes
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Kemosabe 20h
Okay I'm liking this episode 10.
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Marshe 9h
agents are hot though....😍🔥
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SubscriberWise 10h
Perjury RICO. Oddly, Hayward Jr. never bothered to read a word from the LCPAPD crime investigation; the didn't believe the outrage. And, Amira D. Fox, SA for 20th Circuit, her investigator was directed to conceal (IG Parks referred crime to ).
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FBI Albuquerque 5h
The is looking for talented men and women who want to be Special Agents. We will hold a Diversity Agent Recruitment (DAR) event in on August 20. More details to follow, including how to register.
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Melanie Standiford Jun 17
Help Omaha locate Sunny Sramek. Sramek was last seen on April 20, 2019, in Trenton, NE, riding in a 2004 white Ford Explorer bearing Iowa license plate HGJ-341. Report any information to the Omaha FBI Field Office at (402) 493-8688.
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