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Nicole Thorne Fans Sep 20
May have been standing on a stool to get the right reflection 🤷🏻‍♀️ wearing faux leather pants 🖤 swipe for video 🖤
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- simply balance - Aug 19
Replying to @jkenney
just shut it down, tell the "Laurentian Elite" to create employment opportunities that will create a tax base to support the province. "Laurentian Elite" are Royalty & it needs to stop.
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Craig Atkins Sep 4
And outrage is easy. Bet he won't say sorry for jumping the gun either.
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Replying to @TaoDaoMan
... i don’t belive this for a second...
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Turpen's Painting Jun 11
👀Check out this Faux finish we applied to a set of laminate countertops. 😳😱The options are endless!! 🗓Schedule your appt today! 🎨 #️⃣812-205-7848 ✨Save the Stress ~ Call the Best!!
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Hiten Vasa 4h
Look who is talking on News ... of the famed extra large , a Con Trademark Agent ...
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Lee Howard 8h
" " is most of the time real or skin, especially if it reads "made in ". Entire make a living out of this horrid ."
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ADRodas11 Sep 20
Hey, Too bad this post from is not for you but actually Stop misleading Americans with your nonsense with words you probably heard from a reciting corporate talking points can't say
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Agnes Aug 9
Replying to @pacelattin
She’s Jewiah just like her dad is
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Pragmatic_Green 🌍🌎🌏🐘🐋#Chapeau! to @Class Aug 7
All companies need to be called out AND boycotted.
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HockeyDude Jul 10
cnn, msnbc, bbc, pbs all tell the truth and the viewership is split up. add up their viewers versus the bizarre cult following of the lies on news. that’s what i thought.
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💧Johny Miller Jul 21
Wh exactly are the ‘elites,’ ? Anyone who accepts that science deals in reality and disagrees with the -Christian right-wing?
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These people are so gullible. Fake leather is not environmentaly friendly, toxic, and takes a long time to breakdown. Not to mention oil (yes, oil) is required in the manufacturing process.
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Neil Jun 25
Replying to @TyrieLinda @SBSNews
If there's a $ in it for him he will, if not no way religions only seem to understand money and greed
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G.S. Stevens Aug 28
Replying to @GoAngelo
I would rather watch a Cheezit commercial on any other channel than on
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Old Sowell Shop Jul 30
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Northumbria Dunes Jul 25
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DuchessDukeKattyIPASUX💧 Jul 5
Emphasis on the .
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**MaJoad** Jul 26
Yay, Shepard Smith. Couldn't pay me to watch but I like his fact-check about the 2016 polls, especially if it irritated whose tweet was grade-school level whining.
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F/A killshot #Fusionkillshot Aug 26
Who should i grind for or
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