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James Ghani 6h
Nothing but respect & support for Ben Stokes; one of our nation's very finest. I welcome a new era in which the privacy relished by media moguls is as compromised as those who they feel it is within their gift to make & break. It's the only way to truly end this.
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Eric B the president Sep 12
I know one thing, if i had the money and the power, and i seen my enemy on TV gloating about what they did to my loved one, what would you do?
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Jen Sep 15
Just scrolled past a video of some lady chop a dogs paw off. I am shook. I want to find her put my foot on her filthy neck and hack her hand right off... There.. I feel better. But for real where is she?
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Rey Fenice 15h
Replying to @Ms_TiaWallace
We gotta eliminate animals like this frfr the badge is no longer gonna protect them from the wrath our community
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Nor Ili Nabila Mohd Zazili Sep 11
What goes around comes around bro. Allah tak tidur.
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Alexander the Great Sep 9
9/11 was a controlled demolition; y’all should have learned to stop trading was the lesson that cost less lives than the US has taken
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UnorthodoxVisionary Sep 8
Okay Battles
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maryiverson Sep 8
Could never resist a Lichtenstein, even if it is a fake.
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Daily Inspiration & Focus for Monday, September 16 As I give, so shall I receive.
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Replying to @NishMorris
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Jacci Sep 13
Wtf? We have some super sick violent people in our world. The basic issue they share is lack of respect! This just makes me angry and hope they get exactly what they gave
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Rocque.Joshua Sep 11
Replying to @kron4news
consequences, please!
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none ya Sep 16
Replying to @nowthisnews
Why did you let them walk too you? I’m kicking he first cop in the face right down the steps! *kPolice
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Omran Omaid Sep 13
Eye 4 An Eye would be a great name for an optometrist office.
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Cheryl Sep 10
Replying to @fox4kc
Chain her up and don’t feed her
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Nate Klingenstein Sep 9
Why would the police want the woman's medical records? Shouldn't her condition and the cause be pretty obvious by now, HKPF?
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Replying to @eternalstranger
Well if they’re going to force their freedoms on us, then it’s only fair that we reciprocate 😈
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🎥 🎶 🏴‍☠️ Sep 12
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Bolerius 10h
Always a heckler at a rallies.. What if would do the same for them they would atleast get a .. And if we start them the sound would be overwhelming.. I say let's start playing the same games as them..
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to make it worse wasn't the only corrupt thing_being blinded forced meONTOdisablility pension &community housing where prahran housing & police find children for sale more viable than Duty of care because they hate
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