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power4you Jun 3
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Waoo Dec 30
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IRIS PS Jun 27
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Mary Z. Feb 27
I kinda always liked AU and the Americas/Carribean with their more expansive understanding and definitions of human rights. Btw of EU is like an absurd sci-fi scenario you believed only you had thought of but never really expected to see on screen.
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Ozge Bilgili Jul 11
will be back in the fall with two ! Stay tuned for the updates and have a great summer! Legal Implications of Trends in the of @RadboudUniversity and subjectivity
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Tapiwa Mura🇿🇼 Dec 27
Replying to @NicolaWatson13
Zimbos have got money. Those who have access to resources are making lots of it. Its just not finding its way into the banking system. Take gold for e.g. a 40% drop in deliveries in Nov. It simply tells you there is another market
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Sandy CM May 31
Replying to @bmusonza
No to re-dollarization again! It was a sweet short- measured solution which caused almost every problem we have to date with No control measures to
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John Smith Mar 4
So basically everybody else's fault except the family and immediate community
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Celpalsa Mar 3
The Agenda on & its use of Conditional for migration control, of . When "development" measures aim at "outsourcing migration control", shouldn't the EU be liable? Aren't they any international legal obligations to be upheld?
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Comment externaliser facilement son content marketing ? Comment choisir entre freelances ou agences ?
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Sharleen Woods MSc PgDip RD Jun 7
Joint team training today for services across - role playing the concept of . The person is not the problem, the problem is the problem
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Laetitia Van der Vennet Apr 5
Europe's of its policy has severely affected life in . Read my latest for here ▶️
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Statewatch May 22
launches first formal operation outside of the EU and deploys to Albania The has taken a significant, if geographically small, step in the of its with the launch of an operation on the Greek-Albanian border.
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Flavien Kulawik Feb 6
BPO : qu'est-ce que le Business Process Outsourcing ? |
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FBNQuest Dec 31
Replying to @FBNQuest
Redemption of Nigerian T-bills totalling N640bn in H1 2018 within the FGN/DMO policy of “” explains the modest decline FGN debt stock y/y
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Stanford Biti May 30
can you be honest, and sincere rot = corruption you are the boss your hands are in and I will appeal to to help deliver
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Gemima Harvey May 10
If you're interested in asylum policy and , this workshop in Italy looks at of asylum policies in Australia and EU. Such a stellar lineup of speakers
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Stanford Biti Mar 28
Of course can use his proceeds from reason for using private jet is looting remaining He flies with suitcase of treasury Never audited or returned change
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Les idées reçues sur l’externalisation offshore sont nombreuses et il est parfois difficile de démêler le vrai du faux. Éclaircissement.
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[C’EST QUOI POUR VOUS] Esprit d’équipe, aller dans le même sens, partager sa vie avec quelqu’un qu’on aime… Être ensemble, c’est quoi pour vous ? 😊
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