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Otto Cashy Nov 27
Preach big dawg that’s why I can’t wait for when the season start they wanna praise bi work ethic like zo wasn’t right with him thru the whole season working on his shot too that’s why I say the day zo starts to constantly dominating this app gonna get scary
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✨Manderrzz🖕 Nov 24
Replying to @ContentedIndie
One can only hope we get all the tea. I’ll be patiently waiting until then.
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African Betty ♛ Nov 29
Omfg!! They want to censor the masses but we will not be silenced!! Ca va chauffer!!!
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🇸🇴🇫🇷🇮🇱 Nov 26
Shukri deserves justice they need to arrest those little white devils & lock them up or at least expose their identity. Those little white satanic beings don’t deserve to live amongst us they knew what they were doing!!
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The Eye Nov 30
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President Elect Evelyn Ramos Nov 24
The imaginary cabinet is a repeat of obama’s because it’s fraud 44 directing &installing his 8 yr crime spree regulars. Fraud 44 planned on installing his first choice KaMala &getting rid of joe quickly. Too bad
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Victor O. Nelson VON Nov 30
Replying to @MobilePunch
who are the mercenaries pls Mr. Governor can you be specific and stop talking in riddles. You people know what you are doing you can't tell me as the governor of borno you can't expose the secret of Boko Haram if you aren't part of them.
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