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#ProgressiveParty 17h
It is extremely important to understand & how they work if we want to have a democracy. I know it’s long & takes intellectual effort but it’s worth it. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 pls take the time to study
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DianeKNY🌹 Mar 30
Replying to @Scurrilous15
Response to & aftermath is over an hour by itself. Biden disappeared for a week & Bernie mobilized union leaders, experts, and requested any potential campaign donations go to non-profits assisting w/ supplies for growing pandemic. Reason? Also,
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LeftieLucieIntheSky Mar 29
Replying to @GottaBernNow
Bummer Dem primary state's are an excellent indicator of . So-called Third World elections are over-turned when the exit polls are widely divergent. Look for Dem primary exit polls on TDMS/Edison Research here
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RIP My Last Nerve Mar 29
This is why we need ! I will never vote for a again if they continue to cheat the American people, especially during a global pandemic!
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🔥Still Berning 🔥🌹 Mar 27
Of course he does... he lost MA, WA, MI, MN, ME to Bernie if you believe that are a true measure of outcome 😡
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ViktorShokinFanClub Mar 25
massive discrepancies indicate rigging. Deviation of +/- 2-4% is usually enough to warrant investigation. We are seeing */- 14%!
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♿🔯 ungrateful peasant #GiveAssangeANobel Mar 25
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GeneralStrike4UBI Mar 30
closing the polls in poor areas and college towns creating 4-7+ hour long lines FOR WORKING CLASS PPL . to stop the blatant by punishing states by halving their delegates.
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Peter Pahi Mar 26
Exactly, more neoliberal conservative good times. This is why say the DNC doesn't have elections, it has a popularity contest where corporate donations have replaced votes. Democracy dies in darkness because you have your head up your ass.
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Peter Pahi Mar 28
I just learned something new. Don't accuse Republicans of gerrymandering, they'll just act like when you try to tell them about the and call your facts mean and divisive.
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Only Bernie! There Is NO Substitute Mar 29
Replying to @PsycTea @ABC
Bernie was beating Trump by a much larger % but proved same as 2016 of FRAUD!!
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Protect Labor Unions Mar 29
Replying to @JulieSmithM
It shows how powerful the media narrative coup was, they even RussiaGated Bernie too. Voters in even backed & still voted for Biden because of the anti Bernie drumbeat
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Andresha Minard Mar 28
All of it is a media narrative, majority so far said people want to move on from , but right before voted for his rascist VP 🤣🙄🤭
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raoul luijten Mar 29
Replying to @america_vest @LeeCamp
As much as I agree with the general tendency of your thread, the numbers of the elections are clearly fixed, look at of the primary, in redacted tonight explains this well. I think in fact Bernie owned the election and he does own the majority support.
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WhichSideAreYouOn? Mar 25
Purged, suppressed and ignored by the Haven't you heard about , , closing of voting stations last minute, 3-7 hours wait to vote, particularly in minorities & college neighborhoods? Get a grip!
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🌹 SassyKat 🌹 Mar 28
You use the term "won". In 2016 in many states the stole the Primary w/ Many indicators including indicating were called out MSM ignored it Then it was confirmed Same this time
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Fucking BRILLIANT ! Hiding doesn't hide . reveal ur . TRUMP: "... he (Biden) can't string together a sentence."
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Diego Llama 18h
Please please please watch this. Get yourself informed. This election matters so much and the best candidate to combat all the unnecessary wrongness is ⁦⁩.
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Bernie Beats Trump! 19h
Replying to @jackiembouvier
We do polls lie and the change the voted
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Andresha Minard 21h
Replying to @jonathanchait
, not only is he not the nominee, the amount of committed to make him appear viable is disgusting! literally proves that thesis incorrect.
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