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Ashley Payne 13h
7 Skills to make Mills, a book by Brooks Harper that me and my fellow EXCEL classmates have been reading. A book about building skills, being successful in school, career, and life. This is a great opportunity because i don't really read but I need to💙💚
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How to run a .bat file (Batch File) by Excel Macro
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AccountancyTemplates 3h
Cannot open your file? Try this:
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One winner short of a boat ! 4h
What a complete and utter - no wonder the streets are full of rapists and thugs. I suppose formulated this risk factor ? save me
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Joseph A. di Paolantonio 13h
Whether in or in the freemium SaaS version does from
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Power Spreadsheets Oct 16
Object Properties: How To Work With, And Get, Available Properties
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Nick P 12h
Made a program that grabs an excel file, sorts the data in specific columns, color codes the entire row based on certain conditional tests, then opens and saves a new file, written entirely in Python. My first / project. Works perfectly, programming is addictive.
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Bexley Mens Soccer⚽️ 14h
1 day until our tournament game versus Centennial “When you’ve got something to prove, there’s nothing greater than challenge.” - Terry Bradshaw
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Hunter H. Rudd 5h
How is it possible that zooming on crashes almost every time on computers? This is going to set me back almost 3 hours.
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eFinancialModels 2h
Our inventory of financial model templates is growing
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Laurel Leaf Network 14h
🍀🆘 Are you struggling with Excel? Our expert trainers can help, either at your home, office or remotely. Click here to find out more 🔗
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Robert Ofwete 12h
What do you think is the advantage of creating tables in using index + count formulas over the normal insert command?? The initial process seems hectic
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Pickett Library 12h
Thanks to our Process Champions for this EXCEL-ent SPIRIT AWARD!! I am honored to lead, serve and grow while CAPTURING KID'S HEARTS!!!
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Andy Sugden 22h
RT:MrExcel: msexcel I love that can be used for everything!
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Systems Modelling Oct 18
Replying to @ExcelAnalytics
And Rich Data Types debugging in
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Excel Zoom 2h
Remove Personal Information From Excel 2007 -
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Pickett Elementary 5h
Mrs. Rislund’s students got fire truck hats and made their fire truck craft to end their week of fire safety!
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Joey Czellar 4h
Index + Match in = delicious.
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3 Methods to Comment or Uncomment in Excel VBA
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Evan Genest Oct 18
There's a two-step trick to getting a changed digit to stand out in Beyond Compare Table Compare. 1) Step one is to make BC consider the cell as Text, not a Number.
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