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Holly Marie Combs Apr 2
Wowwwwww. rides again with his trusty sidekick not far behind.
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Topher 4 Jan 13
Replying to @JaneGrucella
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Chris Heal 22 May 14
Haha. Must be a slow day Wooly lad! Maybe I will.. Maybe I won't. Nobody knows
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Chris 30 Aug 11
My next door neighbours parents have gone away and so he feels it acceptable to BLAST music ALL the time. He needs to go.
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The Seandalorian 9 Aug 11
Replying to @HackMorris
@tHeLeGiTbErAk You got it brother. has been gone too long. Welcome back.
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shannon winton 17 May 16
when Chris turns evil like yeah boi welcome to my world lol >:D
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David Toussaint 5 Mar 15
Chris Christie’s Exxon Settlement Is Bad for New Jersey Great read
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Chris Emmett ☁️⚡️ Oct 29
Oooo, a Chrome extension for to do his evil CRMing. Don't close/win that deal, it'll omit the opp amount. Bwhahahaha! 👿🌩️ 👿🌩️ 👿
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Samuel Wolstenholme 22 May 14
Replying to @c_heal @RebecccaFowler
do it Evil Chris, do it!
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Christopher Athari 7 Dec 12
according to our bartenders, I am the evil twin because I have a beard. Does this mean I should keep it or shave it?
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karen wing 23 Aug 12
Replying to @chrisdvanne
haha love the that's awesome :D
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Just JAY ♑ 25 Mar 12
Replying to @StarStruckNYC
I'm so glad didn't reappear when u ran out of meds lol
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Aoife 10 Mar 13
Replying to @ChrisOfficial_
@Chris5thBase I promise Ill try get into town to see you soon :P And I used to think you where nice ;) P.S hope you feel better x
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mancpotato 27 Nov 12
@monkey_mcr ha you do mean xfactor Baloney? you do look like him lol....
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❄️⛄️ Christletoe ⛄️❄️ 16 May 13
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Christopher L Cox Apr 23
Ugh, on my way to work. I gotta do the same thing for, like, 3 hours. Stupid Avengers: Endgame movie.
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Chris Laib 2 Nov 12
Replying to @CIN_ROY91
@MRS_VOZART For real I wish being tired made me slap happy, instead I just turn into lol
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Lia 8 Apr 14
.@SandzBlaster 's WhatsApp name is still making me laugh, days later!
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Summer Glau admirer 25 Jul 12
Replying to @LeeAssef
Don't change anything! It was just a way to advertise your work ;)
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Summer Glau admirer 23 Aug 12
Replying to @karenwing2012
Thanks Karen!
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