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Crazy Talk Aug 14
Replying to @ArawnFiain
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Higher Authority 15h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
This man has gone mad. Now he thinks he is Christ? no comments?
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Verble Gherulous 9h
OK... so today Trump basked in the glow of a sycophant calling him King of Israel, and he looked toward the Heavens and called himself the Chosen One ... SOOOOOOO, how we doin' on that satanic heresy meter, ???
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anita 12h
Ok, people. Someone compares Trump to the second coming of God. God. Really?? Trump repeats and points to the heavens. He needs to be gone 2 years ago!! He's a danger to this world.
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Janna 12h
Do realize how...similar to the Antichrist Trump sounds?
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F.E. Feeley Jr 15h
I am calling out everywhere this morning over Trump's tweet. The king of Israel? The Second coming? Here's your Anti-Christ. Here he is. Fucking fix this!
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Angie Byron 14h
This is creepy and blasphemous! all politics away from this man as fast as you can!
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Sherry Reed Aug 20
Replying to @RepSpeier
The also don't care about those women.
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Tom's Tweets-#ImpeachTrump 8h
The so called have the
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Ricky Persnickety 8h
please answer this question: Is Donald Trump the Second Coming of Christ?
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++Trinity++ Aug 15
Replying to @genuinelygia_
She is just expressing her constitutional right as an American to call out religious . Basically she is saying practice what you preach you . There are children dying at the borders in concentration camps as a result of their discrimination.
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SpokaneFAVS 3m
and the South Hill brought a professor in yesterday to give a talk, "The Chosen Voters: in Modern America."
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hegel exercises 8h
lmao Trump is acting exactly like the Antichrist and are eating it up.
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Wrett Mathews Aug 20
Replying to @ronin47xx
Now I will shame you . You got played by the 7 deadly sins. Disgrace!
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ThatGirlAtTheParty 11h
Hey your leader is now claiming he is "the Chosen One." 🙄
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Cari Bomb 12h
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TamsLamb 14h
Dear - If nothing has changed your mind about this man before now, please remember re-read Revelations. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Wake up!!!!
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Joshua Patrick Aug 20
please come back real quick and tell these and their book club has run hundreds of years over the allotted time, and they all got F's for comprehension. Thanks, girl!
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Michael Steele Aug 16
“Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife”. It’s the little things certain ignore when it comes to Donald Trump. , conservative and an evangelical, exposes that “moral flexibility” as we get into his new book .
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Eugene W 5h
Trump isn't the chosen one. He is not the King of the Jews. We do need Watching these all trend on the same day is scaring me. are going to say this is prophesied from revelations and try to start Armageddon. Seriously
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