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Let Reality Winner go home to her family. 22m
Gospel resists marketing. It can't be trademarked or copyrighted.
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Texans for Biden Nov. 3 (official) 48m
Wear your damn mask and stop spreading the virus ! If you see a or or , say something - time to put racists behind bars
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Micropundit 3h
loans included $5-$10 million for Willow Creek Church, an megachurch in the Chicago suburbs. If they receive taxpayer bailouts, they should pay taxes.
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MindShift Podcast Jul 5
Replying to @MindShift2018
Which took place on land taken from the Lakota tribe? That’s absolutely intentional, and we need to be aware of it. This is a Christian nationalist and racist dog whistle to his base. The cult of is absolutely a thing!
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Mhairi Forrest Jul 5
Replying to @DeconvertedCal1
Mishandled sexual abuse case is why I left the church. support for Trump & his policies is why I left EV, as I recognized the problems I thought were localized were systemic. I was in Foursquare & AoG for 35+ yrs. Still a Christian, will never be an EV again.
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TheReverendWarlock 6h
"Onward Christian Soldiers". That's their point. "....wrapped in a flag, carrying the cross...."
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Lady of Good Counsel Jul 5
“See your king shall come to you riding on a donkey.” -Zechariah 9:9 “Entry of Jesus in Jerusalem by Felix Tafsart (1896)
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(((Bunneh/Usagi-San))) 18m
Replying to @jefftimmer
I was raised "", currently . These people, when they do bother to read their bible, NEVER seem to be able to apply it to themselves. Just others.
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Tevfik, I Am Jul 4
Nope! have heard enough numerous accusations of unwanted sexual advances from countless accusers. Not a single has raised her or his voice to rebuke or denounce trump for these and many more "sins" is supposed to be against. Money blinds.
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MindShift Podcast Jul 4
In case you haven’t caught it yet, check out my latest episode featuring of the . We break down why, in this era of ’s “court ,” it’s more important than ever to maintain that wall.
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Secular Citizen MD Jul 4
If , as it is defined by , means denying treatment, employment, and rights to people on their sin list, doesn't that mean they should refuse care, employment, or rights by those of us who embrace people on their sin list?
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Abu Mohammed - Ifb 13h
For a moment i thought you were debating version of islam, (that islam encourages terrorism, blah blah, etc) 💯% EXACT SAME as what understands islam to be. But you are a Muslim, who is AGAINST terrorist ISIS. 👍🏽
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mum 13h
Replying to @LauraMiers
Let me I right?
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Victoria Jul 5
“We Are Not Friends” by 3 years ago I left behind when so called friends couldn’t affirm . Here’s my official goodbye to false and .
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In the US, a variety of religious leaders have failed the test of reasoned public policy in outrageous ways, writes
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Gretchen Baskerville 2h
10 Surprising Studies About Divorce and Kids. I want to make sure every therapist knows these key studies. pastors too! (Seminary training focuses on religion, not science, so they may not.)
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viv Jul 5
The woman dresses like an
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Munhu Mutapa Jul 4
Replying to @AprilDRyan
A lot of white Christians have been exposed by their support for the "pussy grabbing" President and also their failure to support the cause of black people in Amerikkka. Perhaps it is God's way to review their hypocrisy.
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Youth At Heart Empowerment Center Jul 2
Replying to @DenaFis61688757
It's too bad you feel this way. I'm guessing your faith is weak? Living God is a Born Again spiritual transformation. For this reason, jesus said you must be Born Again. The cult group are religious practice, but lacks the power of Christ Jesus. Stay in faith!
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Verses by Cara Jul 2
Note: God didn’t say Dearly Beloved which is in the Bible so I’m thinking hey crowd like and you need to sit up straight and stop pulling dollar bills outta your white backsides AND He at least capitalized Sincerely so I call that GRACE
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