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🔶Lambeth Lib Dems🔶 #FBPE 6h
Replying to @LambethLibDems
We've got one of the staunchest Remain MPs now and this is no time to split Remain votes We've now got a clear and coherent plan for Streatham - to build on our win across Lambeth and London.
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Julio Afonso 🇲🇿 🇵🇹 🇬🇧🇪🇺 7h
Just got a letter from City Council saying my postal vote could not be counted because my date of birth didn't match. Other EU citizens it is because the signature didn't match. How sad and ridiculous is this?
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Iain Ross Jun 17
Replying to @Iainsross
If these were my choices, I'd gladly send 4 cartons of fabric softener, a box of washing powder, catfood, some mixed soft drinks and a bumper pack of toilet paper to Brussels long before I'd let you lads even represent yourselves, never mind a country.
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Matthias Büttner 13h
Postal voting reaches new record high in Germany for the 2009: 18.4% 2014: 25.3% 2019: 28.4% Only campaigning the last 4 weeks before the might not be the best strategy anymore.
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raffaella menichini 12h
Replying to @AnnaHeroSal
explains the code of practice on disinformation agreed upon with tech platforms ahead of and what emerged after implementation was assessed: some progress but “lack of raw data”, platforms wouldn’t give access to advertising database
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John #BackBoris to leave the EU 🇬🇧 17h
70% of the Brexit Party's voters voted Conservative in 2017. There is no future for the Conservatives without these voters on side. We MUST leave the EU as promised on the 31st of October, and is the man to do that
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Délégation Europe Jun 20
You voted at the european elections. What’s next ?
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Ahsan Jun 16
Replying to @ScotTories
Pathetic. When the Tories sort out the mess in England you can comment. Until then perhaps just stick to your No to policy as that’s going so well.
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OBC Transeuropa 17h
. , an alarm call for Croatian society - Interview by
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Malcolm Theophille🛳 #BollocksToBrexit #FBPE #ABTV Jun 17
Misguided. The was run under conditions of Proportional Representation. It wasn't FPTP and ALL votes were valid. More votes were anti-Brexit. 'No-Deal' only your interpretation. Show me the MANIFESTO that 'Brexit Co.' campaigned on in the election period.
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Emma Alessandri Jun 16
My first (and probably last 😂) appearance at to discuss the results of the 🇪🇺 Thank you for having me!
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FeelFascination #NHSLove Jun 15
I voted in the and strongly fought the case for doing so.
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Rel. Internacionales Jun 20
What can we expect after de ? We recommend the analysis of our professor about democracy after the European Parliament elections for
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Dominic C. H. Howorth FRSA Jun 20
The centre ground is where the majority of votes are and now the Lib Dem’s are being taken seriously after and With the right new leader there’s no limit on how far we can go!!!
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Women in Red Jun 17
Claudia Gamon[ is an politician & former student unionist who was elected in the . She is the youngest council member of "New Austria" & she NOW has an article on the en:wiki
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ECFR Roma Jun 20
What mean for Italian voters? Why Italians voted and how? Read newest report by with a chapter on by and
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Kattoliko Pensiero Jun 19
Salvini was the most voted by practicing Catholics, and we must keep them in mind to contextualize some statements of ecclesiastics of these days, such as those of Cardinal Ravasi
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Naomi Long MEP Jun 15
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AndrésRodríguez-Pose Jun 19
Remarkable persistence of long-lost historical divisions in patterns. Map of the in confronted with the 2003 referendum maps. 1939 and 1815 borders superimposed. Courtesy of M. Dolata. More on persitence here:
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alleged Europe`s Court Jester Jun 17
The "discoverer of the nation" is spared the EU Parliament. Currently, he focuses on the investigation of the "Ibiza assassination". Then he wants to engage politically in Austria again.
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