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patrick Jul 3
Search for graffiti has improved on ! It will now show amount of blocks with the graffiti and clicking on result will show them all (not only one as previous behavior)! Yes, i like graffiti :p
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wolfofethereum.eth🐬 Jun 27
Massive respect to 🙌 He is 26 y.o. kid and he is still building decentralized global platform ,that could change our lives .He could retire @ 22 y.o. with millions in bank. Instead he's working hard af for 4 years to help come alive. And all that time he
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Alon Muroch Jun 30
A second project has been working on for a while and now becomes public. A Vault plugin for managing validator keys securely.
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You waited. Now the time has come. Introducing Blox Staking: A Custody-Free 2.0 Service!🚀 🔐 Non-Custodial 📈 Maximize Rewards 🔒 Secured Staking 📝Read the Launch blog post to learn more!
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The Currency Analytics (TCAT) Jul 1
Blockchain Sharding by Ethereum 2 (Eth2) and MultiVAC (MTV): Scaling Transaction Speed without - Link to Post: - Tags: . .
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BlockGOD32.ETH Jun 27
Extra!❗️Extra❗️Read all about it‼️ Phase 0 and the path towards is closer then you think! ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ 🧘🏻‍♂️ 🧘‍♀️
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🌈C⬡in🦄Cønnect⬡r 4h
Who would have thought would launch everything before .... hot damn this will be a wild ride
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Nimbus Jun 29
Psst... the testnet is almost here! Care to join as a validator? We've got you all covered at
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patrick Jul 2
Now there is a graffiti-cloud-chart on ! It shows the 25 most occuring graffities (occurences and involved validators) - clicking on a graffiti will show you all the corresponding blocks!
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BlockGOD32.ETH Jul 3
When you’re not sure if your validator is active 📈, then realize you just successfully attested! ✅
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Anycoin Direct Jul 2
🔗 What is ETH2.0? 🔗 In part 2 of our ETH 2.0 series, we follow Ethereum's quest of reducing its scalability issues. Today we take a closer look at the implementation of the Beacon Chain!
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Astro Turf Jul 2
MegaMine will be one of the first DApps to deploy on ETH 2.0🚀🚀🚀
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Attestant Jun 26
"Help Easing some Anxieties" via ...
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protolambda.eth Jul 3
Remember the Eth2 client in Bash meme? Well, it's not a full client, but does do most of the same things a client does, as well as what a bash shell does, including control flow. Script any / utility, test or debug in an interactive shell. Rumor v2 release SOON™️
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Terence Tsao Jun 30
One day later, Altona testnet going strong with perfect liveness. Every finalization has been with 2 epochs 🌈
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CryptoCasey Jun 27
Teaser Clip from my Next YouTube Video (Posting in 48 Hrs!)
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Astro Turf Jul 3
Last order @ 0.022 ETH is pretty much the last time MX3 will be sub $100 as orders are being submitted @ 0.9 ETH or more, rare asset = increase in price🚀🚀🚀 # MX3
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protolambda.eth 4h
Rumor v0.2.0 release 🎉 - Bash scripting - Improved interactive shell - Eth2 consensus/transition/sync functionality - Improved rpc, discv5, peerstore and more p2p util All very experimental, bug reports welcome :)
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Ola Boddington Jul 3
Numbers 🚀 🥩 65%+ of ETH holders who plan to stake. 🏃32.8% plan to run their own validator nodes. 1️⃣ in a trillion chance of an attacker controlling 2/3 of validators in a committee. The latest stats about …
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