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Andrew Coulson 22m
Which genius decided to remove a very popular playground before you’ve even built the new one? Lots of bewildered Sunday morning parents scratching their heads.
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The latest video from the hoax channel "Thirdphaseofmoon" is another : "[Leaked Film] Anti Gravity UFO Vehicles! Is this Real or Fake?" Those images are from a Russian TV series "Razvedčiki", as you can see on YouTube
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Ruth ITV Sep 18
You know when you just can't think of anything to say? Yep. Me too.
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CougGirl Sep 18
So WSU announced a primarily virtual parent's weekend for this fall. I just spoke with a person who told me they are so excited for their parents to come to parent's weekend next month.
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Mono but @the tip of the line Sep 18
just hit forty kids with my bat on accident
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Mike Sep 17
Getting to work for 9am shift and finding out your the 1pm
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MsPostItNotes_Paperclips Sep 14
I am so SICK & TIRED OF HEARING this man speak. No, we didn't have an orderly start to the year. What we had is pandemonium. Which continues on a DAILY BASIS thanks to the sham of a plan that created.
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UK Royal Reporters Are Fuck Bonnets Sep 12
When the others try to emulate the sussexes😂😂😂
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Jess 23h
When me & tried looking for this in SF and instead found ourselves on empty streets LOL
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diaz™️ Sep 17
just burnt my tongue on a hot pocket
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Nik Sep 11
Can’t remember any of my log in details and can’t reset as who knows what email address I used so starting again! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
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hueston Sep 16
accidentally skipped all my classes
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Jeroen Broks Sep 12
You can say my C++ is not really well, but "Unknown identifier: lass" is an error message I don't understand. (no there is no hidden whitespace or anything cheesy like that between the the 'c' and the 'lass').
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Kimberly Sep 18
"Never have I ever... touched a dead sea turtle... Ah damnit!" #2020
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Shawn Mulvaney 14h
NBC, you did a great job with the Premiere League. Top notch studio and games. Trained me to look for games at 730 and 10. And now you hide them? Not just the best games, all games.
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Wilf the Welsh Goldie 🐕🎾🐾🐾 Sep 15
A special guest on this weeks . My fren Penny 😍. Mum tried to get us both on the photo 😂😂
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Mickey Rottinghaus Sep 13
Replying to @DoneSmithlike1
It means we are staring the end of September in the face and we STILL don't have a National plan for testing. The ineptness of this "administration" will go down in history as an
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Anthony 2h
Here was one that I never posted because it was not done right.. I was 2/3 sleep when it I typed a title, saved it and shut the computer down. Next day..I realize I never used a camera and part of the shot is cut off.. of course I didn't save the scene...
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ac 3h
Replying to @hantheult
Then you should know how to pronounce “x” so it sounds nothing like what you’re trying to say! 😆 😆 😆 !!
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ItzGachaGaming Sep 13
When you’re on a low-budget greenscreen lol
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