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🇺🇸 Lynne Patton 24h
Replying to @jaketapper @KFILE
Stop. This tweet is in direct response to falsely claiming that I stated Anderson Cooper faked a Florence pic. As a former mass disaster shelter supervisor during Katrina, I would never mock death. What I AM mocking is the fact that you folks are ANALYZING MEMES.
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NPeckumn 10h
Women should be able to run alone, golf alone, walk alone, live alone, <insert verb> alone. I’m so infuriated about the continued loss of life as a result of toxic masculinity and a culture that condones and accepts violence against women. We need to get our act together.
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Kim 48m
Great. “How women can protect themselves” is a feature on the news tonight but where’s the “how men can stop assaulting/killing women” feature? I am fed the fuck up.
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RedBeard Sep 16
Christine Blasey Ford is a liar.
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Laura MacDougall Sep 17
THIS IS A PERSONAL VENDETTA. Not for the people. Certainly not for me and my household. . You force us to pay taxes to pay your legal fees. This is outrageous.
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butterflyknyfe. 20m
heathen is such a funny word every time i read it i feel like a grade school teacher who’s had
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Nicole Taylor 11m
If we don't want to be considered on par with 3rd rate dictatorial countries, maybe we should not elect 3rd rate dictatorial sub human excrement to rep us.
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Scot Paul 2h
She also spent the weekend wiping her social media of all LEFTIST Anti Trump Hatred ! This should b stopped immediately! Confirm him NOW!! IGNORE THESE TACTICS REPUBLICANS OR THE LOONIE HATEFILLED DEMS WILL USE IT AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!
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Anthony T Lisi 4h
What’s wrong with this guy! This is out of hand we need to remind the police they work for us I think it’s time we update our current protocol something is drastically wrong
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Randi Rhodes 22h
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Marnie Spiegel 7m
Why are we not impeaching Clarence Thomas?
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Valerie Buck 39m
If Mark Judge and Bart O’Kavanaugh (I meant Brett Kavanaugh) won’t submit to a lie detector test (and pass) then that is every reason for every GOP member to - if it was good enough for Dr. Ford- let them do the same!!!
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Debra Tripp 16m
Replying to @WalshFreedom
I would suggest everyone read "At the Root of This Longing, Reconciling Spiritual Hunger with Feminist Thirst. Rape, fear of rape, threat of rape has been used to confine / control women for eons.
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Mary Kinard Sep 15
Replying to @_SJPeace_
And why in the hell aren't those other po po jumping in his ass for being that ignorant and trying to piss her off????!!!! Because they are just as prejudice as he is!!!! That's a damn shame!!! I can't.
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DJCromeans 21h
I don’t care who is in it, to the makers of , I do NOT need to see this movie again!!!! ! !
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Call-Me-Ed 22h
or don't and well and truly get voted out..sick of this pattern of her holding out waffling and then being a total Wingnut tool. She does this everytime. the jig is up we shouldn't have to beg her for this vote NO. Should be a NO brainer.
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Alabama Jane Brown♛ 2h
Replying to @SaltyLiberal
Exactly, and why isn't the FBI investigating? They spend months stalking a corner POT juvenile dealer, but the Supreme Court nominee????
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Replying to @andyfinlay07
My personal favorite!
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(◕◡◕) Sep 14
BOYSTORY <Enough> Teasers The 1st Mini Album
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AprilHardy Sep 16
We do have an epidemic! Sexual abuse is THRIVING in the darkness, in the silence. Women, men, girls, and boys are suffering by the masses! We need to continue to bring a voice to the victims and a light to the darkness. This garbage has gone on long !
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