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Mike Maniscalco Mar 25
Can’t begin to tell you what an honor it is to be tabbed to call the game and the excitement that goes with it. At the same time I understand how great the voices of hockey are. I hope (for one night) I serve you well.
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Mike Maniscalco 16 Feb 11
Sorry to everyone at Carolina Ale House in Brier Creek, but technical difficulties have forced me back to the studio.
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Nina Jayne E Adams 4 Mar 15
Fingers crossed for a good steelers result! Exciting week! let's hope it's loud in ice Vegas tonight πŸ™ 😁
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Jake Cullen 19 Mar 13
Good to see that all the talk is about stuff not even related to the game but rather people thinking they're tough
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Jordan Mitchell 10 Oct 11
Happy Thanksgiving Canada!
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Great Britain Hockey Coach 25 Jan 16
And the winners of the tickets are...Natalie Favell, Alex Fletcher, Ian Styles, Steve Batchelor & Angus Mcvey
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DreSmithJr 30 Apr 12
Welp RT : I give up on nba if lebron get mvp
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Marlow Hockey Club 27 Sep 14
Saturday is match day. Good luck all teams playing
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Samuel Montgomery 4 Jun 13
Replying to @SarahSpain
Not fired up at...though you seem a little salty.
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Matt 1 Jun 14
just called you a quitter on PPV.....nothing?
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Sahil Biswal Nov 27
Most Welcome to Odisha A heartly welcome to Cuttack
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Brandon Keller 25 May 14
@cwatty24 especially if it's the last game of the season
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THCU14Boys 26 Jan 16
Replying to @DurhamYouthHoc
@_ThirskHC boys all enjoyed JAC too; and that was after playing in the YYHL U14 fixtures in the morning!
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George Gerbo 7 Mar 13
Replying to @RyanJKelly @StubHub
Of all the games you go to...the Panthers??!
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Jeremiah Goodacre 21 Apr 12
enough with the sarcastic comments. U made ur point. It's taken. Move on. Ur better than this.
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Fi 8 Dec 12
we want a fair game in an environment suitable for families. May the best team on the night win 2/2
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John Clark 3 Aug 12
thanks for calling the boys' hockey game this morning!
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WhenRightIsWrong 28 Aug 14
Replying to @BurgerKing
- Not a chance...I only eat . It's a thing.
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I'm not going to the fucking White House 20 Jan 13
Replying to @Rsimmelink22
your well wishes got us a touchdown! Thank you sir.
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