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Cybilinside Jun 14
Replying to @washingtonpost
It's hilarious watching the media rejoice over this. You're just highlighting the fact that liberals cannot handle being called on their own bullshit.... And Sarah was absolutely spectacular at highlighting your collective lies, hypocrisy and stupidity.
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Smith's China List Jun 11
. falsely claims he marched in the civil rights movement, prompting even CNN's to call bullshit.
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Sheila Zilinsky Ⓜ️🎧 Jun 12
CNN’s unvarnished biased drivel. They have aided and abetted the disgruntled Democrats’ unholy jihad against this President. They are truly the
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Bobfr Jun 16
Happy Father's Day Mr , Just finished . Am grateful that you & your family have endured hatred & threats as you pursue helping every person have access to the truth. Undoubtedly, you're aware of 's latest illegal act.
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David Wohl Jun 15
The fact that Stephanopoulos, a former hatchet man for the Clinton Crime Family holds himself out as a "journalist" says it all about the sad state of affairs in the American media. America loves Trump and DESPISES the media!
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Shadow618 🔜 SGDQ 4h
Jussie Smollett FAKED a story about white guys assaulting him; the mainstream media made it the biggest story in America... White college girl is violently raped and beaten in a racially motivated attack and the same mainstream media ignores it.
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Aryn Newnam 2h
Weird how none of this came to light during that 2008 election.....or 2012.....It’s almost as if..... 🤔
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Paddy Gillon 5h
Replying to @Ilhan
Do the world a favour and do one back their
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Tanya 8h
Replying to @thehill
Poll: Democrats WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more interested in a primary challenge to Trump than Democrats were for Obama in 2012. I am now reporter send me money, thanks
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The title of his new book borrows a familiar insult. Jim Acosta is on Wednesday. Don't miss!
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Peter McConeghy Jun 11
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Jim Acosta’s Fake Diary Jun 14
Dear Diary, it is a dangerous time to tell the truth in America. That’s why I don’t.
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Limmic Jun 18
Replying to @chrislhayes
People who blatantly ignore the laws of a country and try and force their way through, unwanted, should not be surprised when force is used. This sort of idiotic headline is peak "journalism" in 2019, just injecting your warped opinion into the story.
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Phil 5h
Disclosing secret operations against our enemies is treason.
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Simple Kind of Mahon Jun 19
Replying to @ChrisCuomo
Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration. You prove that any American, regardless of their level of stupidity and amoeba like mental capacity, can still be gainfully employed. Even if no one sees them doing their job.
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You're A Hatemongor! Jun 17
Replying to @nypost
Good to see everyone realizes is simply lying.
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Vile Assembly Jun 19
Here we go again, another total farce guaranteed to deliver an
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Andy Marlette Jun 19
Real life results of people swallowing snake oil from politicians like and who label journalists and
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Douglas Jay Hall Jun 19
Replying to @ananavarro
You are the the one spouting out the lies.
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James Ryan 🇨🇦 8h
Replying to @CBCNews @KaleighRogers
And the CBC is all to happy to bring this to your attention. Otherwise, how would you know that these Conservative mockeries even existed? Short answer: you wouldn't Good job, CBC
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