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The AIDS Institute Apr 15
When asked how the community can be involved in the plan, said: "We listen to . I guarantee you that the administration take the recommendations of PACHA very seriously and will likely act on them."
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Ace Robinson Apr 16
Dafina Ward of : As we prepare for the federal in the South, we have to prepare our workforce to do the extensive work that is needed to .
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IAPAC Apr 16
Vice President for Programs Chris Duncombe briefed delegates today about progress in past year and alignment with the new federal plan
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Secretary Alex Azar Mar 19
Had a great time meeting with and the team today to discuss the work they are doing every day protecting us from health threats and to talk about some of our priorities at , including and vaccines.
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Secretary Alex Azar Mar 20
Replying to @SecAzar
Yesterday, I spoke at about how, together, we can in America in the next ten years:
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