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Alejandra Diaz 13h
accounts for approximately 25% of all motor vehicle crash fatalities.
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students against texting and driving Dec 5
Replying to @PADDorg
Wow! Watch this to remember why texting and driving might end lives!!
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The analysis of police data showed the majority of drivers who were distracted were “generally distracted” or “lost in thought.” In fact, police report that 61% of distracted drivers were daydreaming at the time of a fatal crash.
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KazLaw Dec 7
Not sure what distracted driving is or what the penalties are? Check with the Government of BC for the rules. Check your gut for the real risk.
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EndDD has educated more than 400,000 teens and adults about the dangers of distracted driving. If we haven't reached an area near you, consider hosting a presentation. Getting started is easy (no public speaking skills required):
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Utah Injury Lawyers Dec 6
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Distracted Driving Dec 7
Congrats Manitoba!! you just made your roads and community safer!!
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Street Smart NJ Dec 7
Get your head out of your apps and focus on the road. Help make New Jersey's streets safer. Learn more at
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A survey of >1,200 teens asked them about the distractions their parents/guardians and friends engaged in most often while driving. Just < 25% said their parents “never drive distracted.” More details in the graphic below.
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Do you think having partially automated vehicles on the road will increase or decrease the number of distracted driving-related crashes?
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Shrager & Sachs 20h
Distracted driving has become one of America’s leading causes of preventable car accidents, injuries, and deaths.
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For drivers who do not use their phones while driving, offers a 10% premium discount. Would those savings be enough to keep you from using your phone while driving?
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Distracted Driving Dec 3
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Distracted Driving Dec 3
I the Houston area ......Nearly one in 12 drivers were observed using their phones,.....unbelievable
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Distracted Driving Dec 6
I'm not a betting man, but if I was........I would take the over on the 9.2%
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Barrie Arnold Dec 7
This “proud parent” was texting with BOTH thumbs going 68 mph. Distracted driving kills 11 people every day
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Alejandra Diaz Dec 5
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Eight years ago today, two-year-old Calli Ann Murray was hit by a distracted driver and killed while crossing the street with her mother. Her mother was also critically injured. We're sharing her story today:
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Drivers must be extra vigilant during the holiday season, as there are more people traveling. It's critical to be a model for safe driving every time we're behind the wheel.
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Distracted Driving Dec 4
RE: Distracted Driving This is undoubtedly the tweet of the day! 10 out of 10 people looking at their phone while they were simply "in a parking lot" would have hit this little boy Imagine having to live with that the rest of your life
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