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Paul Moment Aug 12
Trump Evangelicals: "Sure, I'll gladly vote for the prolific liar, self-admitted sexual predator, racist who incites terrorist violence and cages children BUT SWEARS ARE NAUGHTY."
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SJ Aug 11
Replying to @Franklin_Graham
Oh, this is rich! You claim it's reprehensible to portray hunting down someone who wears a certain hat, all while supporting a president who encourages his followers to shoot people with brown skin. You are a total hypocrite!
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Trey Pearson “LOVE IS LOVE” OUT NOW Aug 15
Why can’t people believe whatever they just want to believe about LGBTQ people? This. This is one more of infinite reasons why.
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cj 8h
There are good and bad people inside and outside of faith. Leaving the church or the faith does not automatically make you a better person...although it might be a start.
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FugtheNYT 2h
Replying to @Kris_Sacrebleu
Be careful, you're talking about christians here....
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Éowyn 4h
Draconian. Authoritarian. Christian. Spirituality and belief do not have to be tied to such abusive institutions.
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Ben Pfeiffer 6h
Replying to @bpfeiff24
We have original manuscripts of a plethora of writings, yet that doesn’t mean they are true. If we were to follow that logic then Scientology is true because we can verify them word for word. Not only do the words have to be accurate, they also have to be proven!
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Dee "Nice is not my middle name" Holmes Aug 12
Dear Christians: you make Jesus look bad when you push another human being out the Christian airlock. Jesus didn't tell you to do this, and your hatred and disgust for this week's victim (Marty Sampson) comes shining through. there's no love there.
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To Me, It Matters♥️ 3h
To them, prolife is just short for proliferation.
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Holy Bullies 17h
Anti-LGBTQ hate group employee embarrasses herself and her faith via empty attack on SPLC
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Lisa Beckman 7h
Replying to @MarshaBlackburn
Federal tax dollars DO NOT fund abortions. You, I am sure, know that but assume your ignorant base doesn't. Evangelical Christian, using ignorance to obtain and keep power. On brand.
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♨️Saucy Stacey♨️ 6h
Replying to @TheRickWilson
They also outnumber young Evangelicals by a wide margin, which gives me some hope for the future.
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𝕊𝕔𝕙𝕄𝕀𝔻𝔾𝔼 20h
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Kimberly Stover 8h
Replying to @realkimstover
It is so obvious that MAN came up with submissive wife theology and other sexist doctrine. It should make us all sick. Yet, sadly, I still see evangelical women unable to break free from this brainwashing. Why? Because their sexist husbands keep it going.
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cj 18h
It’s weird to feel more peaceful after leaving religion. I didn’t think it would be that way.
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ZaxxonGalaxian 9h
Replying to @jilevin
The couple are better off being around people who respect them, not hostile fanatical bigots.
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Christopher Douglas 4h
Replying to @crddouglas
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Chrissy Stroop 3h
Nothing to see here, just a right-wing Christian demanding Trump begin implementing a more robust theocratic-fascist dictatorship and threatening violence if he doesn't get his way.
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Curiosity #FBPE 14h
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ZaxxonGalaxian 22h
And we need to fight back when Dems come back to power. End the tax break on religion, end so-called “religious freedom” exemptions, and protect abortion rights and gay rights nationally. Fuck the Christian Right and
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