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Lisa Britton Apr 18
A few years ago, I volunteered in Tanzania, where girls are not equal. Many families sell their daughters for a goat ($25). If feminists want to fight for something, empowering girls in countries like Tanzania should be a priority. That is where inequality thrives
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Ayobami O Afape Oct 12
The Federal Government should show strong commitment to implementation of this policy not just mere words. We want to see the cost of sanitary pads reduced and onward free distribution to our schoolgirls in Nigeria.
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Graduate Women Fiji Mar 26
Are you a passionate STEM female teacher, trainer, instructor or professional? Would you like to receive training from a world-renowned Engineer and her team from NZ as a STEM Summer Camp Instructor? APPLY NOW:
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Girls Not Brides Aug 6
🎵 We are . We know our rights, we speak them out. 🎵 Our anthem was written & performed by a group of inspiring girls in Zambia 🇿🇲. When girls take control of their own lives, incredible things happen.
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Kacey Bellamy Jan 28
“If we can help little girls feel confident and believe in the things that we are doing, it’s a game changer.” Thank you for letting us tell our story and help better the next generation.
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BG ♥️ #SouthernCollective Mar 17
"It appears that moral choice of the management is attempted to be imposed upon the Boarders." Girls are ALWAYS expected to be the gateways and hence upholders of society's morality. Fakk you society.
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Abigail Harrison | Aspiring Astronaut Jul 5
A big thanks to for interviewing me and featuring me on their website! And for making dresses with pockets, they are legit! Check out the interview here:
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Christine Cousins Apr 3
Had the privilege of photographing a group of amazing girls and women last week at More from this incredibly empowering day to come. Thank you for trusting me to capture these meaningful moments
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Yann Borgstedt 2 Dec 18
"When girls are given the right tools to succeed, they can create incredible futures, not only for themselves but for all of those around them." -- words of wisdom from
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Flora Bertin 12 Dec 18
Today, girls face pressures to look flawless, but the quest for the perfect appearance has devastating long-term effects. My team has decided to build an app to to love themselves and build confidence. Made by girls, for girls!
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Heather Hairston Mar 8
As we celebrate International Women’s Day set your radios to WPFW to hear from our first graders as they share their dreams about what girls can do! Thanks ⁦@BowersandDavis⁩ for giving even our youngest scholars this platform! ⁦⁩ ❤️
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ICRW Asia Jun 14
In partnership with Magic Bus, ICRW's PAGE program aimed to & providing employability skills that will prepare them to make their own decisions about their future. Read more, here:
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Justice Seeker ☮️ 💔 Jan 13
New cookie flavor comes with a surprise feminist message! Each cookie is stamped with positive feminist messages such as “I am a leader,” “I am gutsy” and “I am a go-getter.” ✊🏾✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿✊🏼 via
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Indian Red Cross Society - Mumbai Nov 10
IRCS - Mumbai has been actively involved with Mid Day Meal Programs to combat the prevalence of malnutrition and anemia in the children residing in Mumbai.
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Heather Moyse May 24
Let's all right now, today, make a commitment to tell someone in our lives how incredible they are & how excited u are about the visions they have for their future.
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Maritza Chan Mar 4
To all parents: Please teach your daughters not to measure their strength by how much pain they can endure. Teach them to measure their strength by how much pain they refuse to put up with!
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Evelyn  Joseph Apr 26
I AM A FEMALE AND MORE! I happily volunteered as an enabler for the Female &More 30days self esteem challenge. My aim was to inspire young females to believe in themselves, take their studies serious& work hard to reach their full potentials
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On let's talk about some barriers that continue to prevent girls from reaching their full potential? Can you share some?
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Go Girl! Watch this super amazing video clip!
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eGirl Power Feb 17
It's an honor to announce as our newest Advisory Board Member, Ms. Kubecka is the full package to help us drive 's mission to inspire and educate young girls!
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