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Tic Tock Mrs. Glock Nov 14
If did not agree with emoluments clause in the constitution prohibiting a sitting President from personally profiting while in office he never should have accepted the position.
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Mark "Ruprecht" Nov 14
Replying to @jtlevy @KevinMKruse
Trump is the first President to commit an impeachable offense literally the instant he was sworn in.
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☕♏ Whammie 🌎🌍🌏✌ Nov 14
Replying to @CREWcrew
More evidence to be used in the cases against . It's very nice of them to print it out in a glossy brochure.
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Jennifer Granholm Nov 14
Great work by >> 'Exclusive: Trump DC hotel sales pitch boasts of millions to be made from foreign governments'
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Jamie Schler 22h
Replying to @CREWcrew @GOP
Come on, we all immediately knew why Doral was put on the list and chosen. Also why, after trump lost the income he would’ve pocketed from having the G7 at Doral, the picked it up for their event.
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Rick Nov 16
You literally CANNOT make this up. Donald Trump can not NOT abuse the Constitution he swore to preserve, protect & defend.
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ZukScott Nov 14
Replying to @jtlevy @chrislhayes
I do hope that the House, after sending Articles to Senate, realize the value of this format, and continue by investigating trump's blatant violation of - which could actually force him to choose between his office vs business/crime syndicate.
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Magoo Nov 15
America in crisis. We have an American POTUS governing for his own personal gain and personal benefit. Elected official are required to govern for interest of American citizens, not for personal gain.
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dukesealman Nov 14
Replying to @MichaelCoudrey
it has been determined that after significant payments were made to the firm partly owned by Hunter Biden, while the Vice President operated in an official capacity to change US Foreign Policy to help enrich and protect his son, .
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Don Adams 5h
Unbelievable. Bold-faced. Disgraceful. While pointing fingers at the Bidens--and in the midst of an impeachment inquiry--you and your father, who retweeted the following, continue to use the Presidency to promote Trump, Inc.
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Davey Jones Nov 14
Take note ..... right here. he’s not hiding it. trump is openly mocking your weakness.
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Laura Dill Nov 14
Replying to @kaitlancollins
Because the GOP is all about corruption.
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Sema for U.S. Senate 🌹 Nov 15
Let's be real, . You've spent at least $102 MILLION of tax payer💵playing golf. At least $3.8 MILLION of tax payer💵at your resort in Mar-a-lago. You should've been impeached on provision violation long ago - saving money, time, and lives.
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Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Nov 16
Replying to @TeaPainUSA
Don’t forget violations!
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Cling 2 Reality 8h
They are mocking the Constitution publicly.
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Arya Snark Nov 14
Do not blame the Democrats for holding Trump accountable. Don't like the timing? Don't like how they are holding him accountable? Then he should've cooperated w/ House oversight from the beginning. Trump chose not to. Blame him.
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Revoke Trump Charter Nov 15
The is dodging accountability once again. The truth of the matter is that must whether or not we get to see his tax returns.
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Cynthia Reed 27m
Hey, ...we can see you, you know, you and your cheating, lying, grifting family. Please read the !!
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Blitzen 56m
Replying to @TimJDillon
coronary artery disease
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Mike Strickland 1h
Nothing to see here, this is all perfectly ok 🙄🙄
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