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BEN 12h
After their huge success with 23 wins have seen their shares climb by 5% and Netflix shares are up a huge total of 83% in 2018!
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The Pizza Prince 19h
Shout out to acting, which single-handedly was able to get Luke Cage cancelled. 🙌
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Avi. R 55m
Daredevil season 3 is a masterpiece. The settings, the story and all the compelling characters make this a pièce de résistance. Absolutely loved it. Best superhero series ever. 9.7/10. (0.3 taken off for the two slow episodes at start).
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T D 5h
Replying to @T_D_81
Damn, I spoke too soon, there were what, 4? long, one take scenes. Impressive sir worthy The use of light/dark, reds and muted colors, subtle scares So well done, this show definitely lives up to the hype
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Mary 12h
No one light a match 💨
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Shawn Medrano 14h
My poor Emmy had a rough day yesterday but I think she’s feeling better after some whipped cream from Coffee Bean!! @ Pomona,…
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Janet Wood 9h
Watching and should also get an for . An doesn’t seem to be enough.
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Tara Linnan 13h
Watched for a second run. Can we just give an and a now and skip the formalities ?
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Sarah Fox 14h
Have to say, S3:E4 is worth its weight in gold.
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Linda White 6h
YOU made me care about this team and their families.
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Thom Goddard 13h
Oh, hello! “Inside an Emmy Award” iemmys
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Naomi Grossman Oct 10
Replying to @2726Creations
Thank you for gifting at the Red Carpet Luxe event. I love mine!
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Lapacazo Sandoval Oct 12
Replying to @people @TiffanyHaddish
your and you! Love it. You ready!
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Joan Hanna Oct 19
Replying to @OutlanderCostum
But where is your damn ???
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Ellie Oct 18
I'm rewatching for like the fourth or fifth time and I still think that deserved an for this show
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HumDrum Oct 17
Replying to @davidwalliams @SkyOne
Who'd have thought eh !!! " an " !!! "Hahaha HoHoHo"
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♠Keearies♠ Oct 14
Yeah & Got Y'all Drooling I Know Its Ight It Happens 😊
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Crow 8h
So, when does get his ?
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Amy Johnson 15h
Years in the making but I finally got my hands on this golden beauty ! Thanks & producer & a special thanks to for believing in me!
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Naomi Grossman Oct 11
...and (this just in!), hooked us up at this season! (Too bad they're not on twitter to enjoy the shout-out!)
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