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'Women's Power' Book Aug 5
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Chris... Aug 3
Replying to @DaveMyFace
and look who supported them... ...hanging on to Shortens every word...
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Boeber Percolator 🦄⛾☣ Aug 7
Replying to @Meneer_Mann @MYANC
Removing the by means of the ballot box was not utilized as an option during (due to / Dawn) . BUT, clearly it is not a preferred method, either? What is our options now? Surely is not going to be bottled until 2024? ?
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Ciaran Wallace Jul 31
Technology and Data can be very powerful but it’s so often overlooked how it impacts users/customers/peoples behaviour and how they perceive the change. This is a decide on the Data and deal with the impacts afterward government see , , .
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Tom Robb Jul 31
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Boeber Percolator 🦄⛾☣ Jul 31
Replying to @PhumlaniMMajozi @MYANC
Good question. Coalitions between right-minded parties. However, We must be able to answer why we as electorate did not capitalized during to remove the ? Was the just a facade? Is a conman?
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💧 Ray Lovison #IStandWithDan Aug 1
Replying to @vanbadham
Not to mention; How it also went terribly wrong for Australia? 13 years after was mysteriously sacked from a senior public sector job as managing director of Tourism Australia - He's now a Prime Minister!!!!
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Talat Firdausi Aug 6
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Boeber Percolator 🦄⛾☣ Aug 2
Replying to @dirkdup69
Agree, because despite leaving South Africa in the dark through constant power block outs in the beginning 2019, during the still hold on to their mayority.
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Susan MEYER 💧 Jul 31
Hmmm some of Party candidates (who got paid to stand ?? surely a breach of the ?) actually wanted to stop mining did know ?
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Gregory Aug 2
Hilarious that & are now refusing the extended helping hand afforded them by some of their most eager supporters in the run-up to Pity Now you understand the you led to Government!
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