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Nick Jury Sep 27
Thanks for sharing the picture of Burke's exoneration of Dr Knox. I suppose had he not done so an investigation into Knox would have happened?
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Nick Jury Sep 26
Replying to @es_thomson
Have you read A Memoir of A Highland Lady by Elizabeth Grant of ? Her family owned the estate and the book opens with with birth in Edinburgh in 1797 (Char. Sq) and covers first 33 years of her life at Rothiimurchus.
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Nick Jury Feb 11
Eight out of ten times there is something which will catch my eye in the charity in . This is £3.49 well spent: Oliver and Boyd’s and National Repository 1918. Handy research tool for & much more besides. .
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Nick Jury Sep 28
Coach driver & attendant, Princes St. 1870.
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