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Chris Ciovacco Jun 21
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INDwealth Jun 17
Ahead of union budget on 5th July, has cut India's growth forecast to 6.6% in the current fiscal year on the back of slowing growth in the manufacturing and agriculture sectors.
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MBMG Group Jun 20
Replying to @PaulGambles2 @CNBC
Buy the stuff that makes sense, build up cash by default on
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Sprung Investment 4h
Can countries lower taxes and raise revenues? The Laffer curve exists in principle, but the sweet spot is hard to find
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Vibrant Communities Calgary - VCC 10h
Over 110 Alberta businesses pledge to maintain $15 minimum wage as youth wage cut takes effect Wednesday.
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Wasim KakaR Jun 21
better if done it once
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Neutro Jun 17
Do you agree with these predictions?
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Trieste Libera Jun 18
The trap of the Italian-Chinese Memorandum of Understanding via
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💧Anne Louise Moore💧 2m
Replying to @AlboMP @politicsabc
And this 'guy' is supposed to be able to co-manage the seems he wouldnt be able to find his way out of a brown paper bag, even if it had hole in it. incompetance
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TheCogginGroup 2h
A is an alternative to a traditional linear economy in which we keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them whilst in use, then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of each service life.
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Sprung Investment 2h
Bank Stress Tests Are Neither Stressful Nor Tests. Discuss.
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Jim Baird Jun 15
Molecules of ineptitude- "United States Spend Ten Times More On Fossil Fuel Subsidies Than Education"
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Boubtane Ekrame Jun 20
A great occasion to share the results of my work with Hippolyte d'Albis and published exactly one year ago in ! Live on , ça se comprend with . Thanks to all the team members!
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Russian Embassy, UK Jun 20
President Putin: We will build a new structure of , using and digital technologies
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Why should your business care about Sustainability?
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The Hutch Report Jun 16
Does the search for the word recession portend what is coming? Look at the timing in 2007.
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🏭👷♂️ In today's we show you which employ the most workers worldwide. Are these companies also known in your country?
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Mohamed A. El-Erian Jun 19
Per this chart, the stock of negative-yielding globally now stands at $12.5 trillion — a new record (and well in excess of forced regulatory holdings). Who ever thought that creditors would be willing to lend their money, and pay for the privilege of doing so.
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Shane Amyx 22h
GDP would place it as world’s 17th largest .
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Digital bank Monzo tops two billion pound valuation after funding round
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