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Holly Gillibrand May 19
My parents have gifted me their vote in the . Ask your parents/grandparents to give you their vote too because we, the young people, will have to live with the actions of the older generations.
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Alan Perkins 2h
Replying to @MikeLevinCA
: it's past time to take action to slow Global Warming (let's call it what it really is). It's way past time to take action to mitigate the INEVITABLE and IRREVERSIBLE effects of Global Warming.
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Gordon Chamberlain 7h
More to this? Sweden has carbon tax for 12 years 21 U.S. states implmenting Paris Agreement House dem vote to stay wi Paris Has CPP recognized we are facing a an What evidence & values are they using
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XR Sutton 12h
Our MP came down to meet at our roadblock during the London Tom said “Parliament needs to respond to this, the greatest challenge we face globally” We’re following up with Tom on ideas for action on the &
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Extinction Rebellion 🐧⌛️🦊 3h
Our governments could on both the and the by just letting nature . It is time for our governments to stop the war on nature. for rewilding: 🐾
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Etienne Stott MBE May 20
Tragic... This is part of a global . We can do better, I'm sure of this. Make our governments act.
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CleanCircle May 19
Replying to @CleanCircleOrg
Rising reports of citizens finding dead birds in nests. Related? Research finds that birds use decaying cigarette butts to build nests – causing DNA damage in birds and offspring.
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Gordon Chamberlain May 20
Replying to @CampaignLife
What Christian values is Campaign Life Coalition using in response to climate change. Have you recognized we face a and an ?
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1.5 Degrees Live! EdFringe 2019 14h
Replying to @BP_plc @Shell
Anything or say about business models that claim to be on track for the Paris Agreement AND include continued exploration and extraction is a lie funded by billions of lobbying dollars. We are in a a
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Extinction Rebellion Brent 🐝⌛️🚨 (London) May 17
Don't forget, all are welcome who want to adhere to our principles and values! 🖐️🙌🤲🙌🤝👥🗣️
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Climate & Ecological Emergency Independents May 18
The are at 0% but stand for the 99% (actually 100%) 😂
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Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership May 17
Great to see committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. However, it cannot stop there. Carbon reduction isn't the answer to everything. We need action that addresses both the and our .
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XR Sutton May 17
Positive meeting with talking about working together on the urgent action we can all take to address the and locally, nationally and internationally!
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Sue Riddlestone 10h
Live in London borough of ? Join tonight to plan & prioritise action on , & .
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Diana McCann May 20
Here’s the thing. is THE core issue of our time - without food, water, clean air, healthy biodiversity we will NOT survive. Simple and terrifying. The ‘environment’ is not an optional add-on for
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Marjorie -We're◼️◼️◼️YET! May 16
"Can we all now please stop saying 'climate change' and instead call it what it is: , , , , and ?"
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Scott Alderfer May 17
Global warming is not warm and cozy. It's catastrophic. Bravo to the for updating it's official style to reflect the fact that global warming is a It's an
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PRMAC_Consulting May 12
No real surprise. The Kyoto Protocol had a similar fate. That’s why Greta Thunberg & the global kids have the right idea. Political leadership & captains of industry can’t be trusted with their future.
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Mel May 12
Replying to @HanoverHills
Where do they stand on the (towards which climate is only one contributor).
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ClimateGov 3h
Let's desert prone areas & replant trees where they were destroyed. When you meet your leaders never forget to raise issues with them.
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Citizen For Climate Change ACTION May 20
Replying to @HollyWildChild
I stand with and the billons of other kids on the planet who want a future!
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