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Prof Ray Wills 7h
Some fun facts on electric buses and China Globally 400k+ fully electric buses as at Aug18 99% in Shenzhen first city 100% EVs public bus fleet in 8 years: 16,359 buses China Jan-Jul bus sales at 38k, +66% y/y Every 1k EV buses drops fuel use by ~500 bpd
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Justin Johnson Aug 8
Awesome to see London Fire Brigade embracing Electric Vehicles
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Move India Summit Aug 12
The , with zero - emissions is just around the corner. With India all set to become home for a large fleet of by 2030. Global Mobility Summit, India MOVES ahead! Read the full report by here:
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Pivot Power Aug 12
"Electric vehicles are a boost to the economy. We want to work with to unlock jobs through clean, electrified transport," Matt Allen CEO Pivot Power.
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Prof Ray Wills Aug 14
Electric Mining Vehicles Ditching diesel vehicles by going electric underground improves air quality, protects worker health + saves up to 50% on fuel costs & can be built in
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Anton Arnesen 22h
You follow what you are interested in. For me it is primarily renewable energy, storage, , GRC and GDPR. But, maybe Josh has found some relevant news info. from his fashion friends that can be used in conducting his work🤔
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Karim Farhat Aug 10
Fellow clean energy enthusiasts: WE’RE HIRING. team has an opening for a Senior Analyst. If , , , , and is your thing, message me! Amazing team, and we’re looking for the best and brightest! 💪🏽🚗⛽️🔋🔌🔆
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SEA Electric Aug 11
This Victorian built ⁦⁩ ACCO is the first 100% electric, completely ⁦⁩ made truck, with ⁦⁩ tech. Being deployed in Vic with Qld waste body too. ⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦
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Charging Bullet Aug 13
Replying to @green_energy_uk
They're an obvious choice for a city commute and even long distances can be tackled with a little planning. Take a look at our plan to ride the length of Britain on a one-off electric bike with a 70 mile range
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Im yet to see being banned due to fire risk ! South Korea to ban some BMW vehicles over engine fires -
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Cory Groshek Aug 15
Investors who are shorting stocks, in spite of the impending massive success of , are setting up what could be one of the most epic short squeezes of all time. via
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Sam Abuelsamid Aug 13
With now acknowledging that the Saudis as prime potential investor for his privatization deal, will the Saudis start cutting oil production to drive prices up in order to make more appealing?
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Dave Velazquez Aug 15
In fewer than 24 hours the Walter E. Washington Convention Center will be filled with drones, , and new ideas to enhance reliability to better serve our customers. Be sure to follow , , and for coverage of the 2018 Innovation Expo.
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TransitionSV 22m
Need a new truck? Also let's reduce emissions by giving priority at specialized traffic signals
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EUScience&Innovation🇪🇺 Aug 14
Electric cars: fast forward with plastic battery rack🔋🚗🔋 researchers are hoping to drive forward the roll-out of by making racks greener, lighter, & more affordable ↪️ 🇪🇺
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Tacoma Public Utilities Aug 7
We’re leading the charge to electrify the I-5 corridor in Washington state:
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Zap&Go 22h
An electric scooter that charges SAFELY in 5 minutes using Zap&Go Carbon-Ion technology will be one of the first product to be commercialised this year ⚡️
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ChargePoint Aug 9
One study expects 300 million on the road by 2040. Think we can get there faster than that?
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RenewEconomy Aug 14
Scottish battery ‘breakthrough’ could charge electric cars in seconds
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David Merriman Aug 15
Japanese 🇯🇵 production showed strong growth for -ion technologies used in automotive applications, exceeding 3,200MAh in 2017. Li-ion production for other technologies remained stable however, despite unit value falling 6%.
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