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Susie Somerville Sep 19
This makes my blood boil 😡 she’s completed deluded to try and justify killing animals. Her argument was completely ludicrous. Why give someone like this airtime. 🤬
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CVM 25m
Replying to @FoxNews
If the Dems take it back we'll go back to the pit of no return.
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linda moore 31m
Fascinating to me that the false “Christian” and wanted 2 hear from BClinton victims, parade them like trophies ifo Hilary Clinton at the debate; yet suddenly, you think that the claims today are irrelevant and you don’t want them heard
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Independent Muslim 19h
is , OK fine, I will buy that, but now its my turn...
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WayneEdH 22h
11 GOP men on the Judiciary Committee, and they are prepared to make Dr. Ford look like crap, as they Ram Kavanaugh down our throats! Vote a Straight Dem Ticket this November! I Will, will you??
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it'shorror💀🎃 17h
Favourite ‘Underrated’ Stephen King horror movie? Not everyone just loves his classics. Yours not there, let me know.
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Yimbu_EK 44m
Our dancing and rejoicing for being of this . They are happy to sell our future to Dictator After over this for 36years Popol still wants another 7years hmmm 43years plus as Let's say
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patty burse 21m
Replying to @SenFeinstein
If you were so concerned about this, why did you not report this immediately? You are ridiculous and FAKE. We all see through this. It’s disgusting to use this to delay a Supreme Court nomination. How do you sleep at night??
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Lefty against rogues. Sep 18
Typical PDP man, they enjoy twisting everything. This one is pretending not to understand the difference between cubicles and polling stations, their brain is full of deception. 😅
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Independent Muslim 15h
How many times do you repeat the same pattern expecting different results? So you start with a man named Adam, the it turns , so you kill them all & start over with a man named Noah? How many times do you repeat the same expecting different results?
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JJismyHero 15m
Replying to @TalbertSwan
Anyone who supports Rapists, paedophiles, the hate of blacks, building of walls, treating refugees less than human, separation of families, locking up of children & putting black youths up 4 the death penalty guilty or not are not they are &
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Boof 19h
does prevail if good men do Nothing STOPPED THIS EVIL created by 11-Apr-1 -58 Dead 30-Aug-12-95 Dead 14-Aug-12-67 Dead 30-Jun-12-67 Dead 21-Jun-12-90 Dead 17-Dec-11-201 Dead
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Ginger Minj Sep 13
Why do people liquor me up when they know I have strong opinions and an inability to hold them back?! That’s just
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WayneEdH 34m
It's now only 44 days till the election!! Get Registered, get your ID together & VOTE DEMS!!!
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Milan Šota 7h
Replying to @Rapshowcz
Fire women Immediately appeared my god and protect me from her. God showed me: Evil you afraid, then it started..
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verbatim Sep 18
Replying to @Zoyx @jdandur2 and 3 others are using the trick of the neo-con frauds : in your scheme, you either work and deal with private insurance companies or are unemployed > typical Clinton - why do you abandon the poor to Medicare and everyone else to rapacious insurance and drug companies ? That's
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🌵Elle🌺Tee🌴 10h
Replying to @ChuckGrassley @GOP
you’re pretty good at making up the rules as you go, right? deserves professionalism & respect. You guys don’t seem to grasp the enormity of the consequences you’ll face at the polls in for denying her this. At least you’re consistently
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MLeeNYC Ⓥ Sep 19
So think about for ? Really?!!! How do they plan to atone for ? Utterly disgusting ! Torturing defenseless birds! !
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Christine Papalabropoulos Sep 19
This family went through 17 months of hell, the worst possible case of medical negligence and torturous journey through the Court and MH service in order for the doctors to cover up their failings.
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Vaaah-knee! like vanilla with no lla! 12h
Replying to @vani_valentine
Sitting on some, only letting people buy 1 copy cause I want everyone to read it. I control your comics neck beards. Fight me.also something happens to the joker. Hahahahaha spoilers!
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