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Angel For Animals⭐️ Nov 10
PETA thinks it’s ethical to eradicate an entire dog breed, Pit Bulls, and wants to kill them all.
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Jared Johnson 26m
Isaiah 5:20 King James Version (KJV) 20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
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Neklbags Nov 14
Replying to @Faith_KerrHood
We know you don't feel bad but nice try though. You dont need to try and act like a decent human being because its quite evident you come straight from evil. Dont let them flames from hell burn your butt because u have one foot in the doorway to that place.
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Henk van velzen Nov 13
whenever i hear bernie sanders or other people talk about the "beauty" of Socialism i wanna punch them in the face. 1 everyone who preaches this vile cunt theory don't want people disagreeing with them look at cuba
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Brig Young 2h
Replying to @chelmex
HA! You are so right! I've always said that a vote for the lesser of two evils is an affirmative act in support of . Justifying any evil is an evil act.
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Kris10 5h
Replying to @jaydointhecut
They take pleasure in us needing them.
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Amasia Records Nov 14
▶️ , rapper of Detroit, USA. He participates in the second album "Epicenter" with the title: "". (Release soon) First album listening below :…
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Simon609 Nov 10
Are Satanists not meant to be bad then?
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David Cuthbertson Nov 14
So wasn't concentrating and played a song when he should have went to a travel update. What can I do as punishment?
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Peter Merlin Cane Nov 14
MICHELANGELO LOATHED POPE JULIUS and designed the Sistine Chapel ceiling to tell us the terrible reason why. He painted scandalous clues down its entire length but none were seen, until now. Click… and read:
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Jeff Hancock 18h
Replying to @OneOfAKindNess @ABC7
I went to the Ventura County Government center recently and they crashed one of their self-insured Prius into me to make it look like my fault and collect on my insurance.
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Heidi ~ Healing Children Naturally Nov 13
Dear God this is why injured are a target for ! This is ! Experimenting on vaccine damage kids is as low as it gets!
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Egan Patricia Nov 12
When you go to put instrumentals on and end up watching videos for who knows how long instead of writing...
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Isidro Nov 14
Slavery. Jews. Abortion.
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Julius Wright Nov 10
Evil Talim aka Nightstorm, this is a result of what will happen if she became a slave to the evil blade
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Truth BOMB 21h
Replying to @amber_chrissie
She’s mad because someone who worked there months ago called her out on FB and so now it’s a full on psycho obsession to ruin the owner? I guess it’s easy to mess with people’s livelihoods & income when she gets hers free every month from our tax dollars.
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MLanetweet 19h
WHY IS SO ?! Why does acknowledge Brandi’s idiocy as having any legitimacy? Why does mindlessly join in on the attacks? Why do others act as & NOT tell Brandi to PIPE DOWN?! 😱
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Atlantean STAR Nov 8
Why hasn't banned Sara Suten Seti? He is responsible for fueling hate on his page!
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Truth Justice Rights 11h
Why would the think the Catholic church is above the law? "US Bishops Shocked, Disappointed as Pope Francis Bars Action on Sex Abuse - Vatican has blocked immediate action on the child sex abuse scandal."
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Spiritual Wolf Nov 13
The ungodly websites promoting filth, especially on the DeebWeb, might have to do some constructive hacking. Trash their systems. This filth won't be tolerated in this day and age.
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