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EngagEUrCouncil 🇪🇺 Aug 7
Are you following with great interest? What about developing your own ideas and demands for the 🇵🇹 Council Presidency? Discover the project and apply for the 2nd project cycle:
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Is the undemocratic? Has the EU banned bent cucumbers? - Questions that may come to mind when thinking about the EU. We solve the 5 biggest misunderstandings about for you. What would you like to know about the ? 🇪🇺❓
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btinstitute 5h
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Michael Klor-Berchtold Aug 5
From now on, on the way for a sustainable recovery & a level playing field in our world economy! Strong focus on , , , , , , .
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btinstitute 10h
illegal arrests and police violence in following peaceful protest and main intersections blockade
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Destatis news Aug 4
Average age of leaving home was 23.7 years in Germany, which was somewhat lower than the EU average. Luxembourg is the exception: everywhere else in the EU, daughters leave home earlier than sons.
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Online services make our lives easier. Now there is a new one on the . The Council translator that translates into the 24 official EU . The managers at the tell us more about the tool.
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Non-Inscrits Aug 1
"Hooray we're council president! Too bad we don't have a sponsor like Malta who heavily cashed in. Malta has 2 business models 1)Being a Tax Haven 2)The sale of EU citizenship to Russian oligarchs & Brits"
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💙🗺️👏 With your help, we can reach 1️⃣ 0️⃣ 0️⃣ 0️⃣ entries in our interactive of the most in ! Join us in , take part in the & win train tickets! ▶️ ◀️
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Michael Roth MdB 🇪🇺 15h
Replying to @SCHIEDER @tfajon and 4 others
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holds the Council since 1 July. Find out more about the central issues of the six-month term and where you can get the latest about the German Presidency.
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Josoor Aug 4
If is not safe for a German politician and his entourage, how could it be for thousands of ? Stop pretending, start acting!
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Dan Merly-Sobovitz Aug 7
It's too late for us but for future we have engaged with who called to change these discriminatory policies. & accepted. refuses.I urge you to leverage for putting pressure 🙏🏳️‍🌈
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Eva Revilla Aug 7
📢To all 🇪🇺 ! Block your agendas from 10-12 Nov for & , the most important European event on collaborative transformation! Organised by , under German Presidency of 🇪🇺 . In & virtual
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The corona pandemic has not only created insecurities - it has also reinforces certainties. 🆓📲📰 Explore a kaleidoscope of perspectives on the of the in our new Edition & download the free here!
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Jacques Delors Centre Aug 5
Replying to @DelorsBerlin
„Together for Europe’s recovery“ is the motto. What was the German presidency’s slogan in 2007? a) "A Europe that protects" b) "Europe – succeeding together" c) "A strong Europe in a challenging world" d) "Cohesion, a common European value"
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BDA🇪🇺EU Aug 4
The opportunities for the ? We're on a difficult journey back to normality, economy in deep recession, consequences of gonna be with us for a long time: This context gives 🇩🇪 a unique opportunity to influence the future of 🇪🇺 positively.
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Moritz Körner Aug 7
Replying to @moritzkoerner
Nächste Baustellen? ❗️Klärungen inkl. Beispiele bei den Einreisebedingungen sind nötig! ❗️Keine Diskriminierungen, wenn man sich nicht in 🇩🇪 getroffen hat! ❗️Schwierigkeiten bei Visa müssen umgehend gelöst werden! ❗️ muss alle EU-Mitgliedstaaten zum Nachziehen bringen!
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DAAD News Aug 6
asks: Can digital collaboration in international be the defining strategic element to drive partnership and promote a digital shift through innovative means?
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Together, we are ! People from all over the world already shared their in in our interactive Google map - and so did Laura from , Poland. Grab your chance of winning tickets for an trip, too!
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