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Trakanon🌱 Jun 14
This week I added shorts to Tech, Financials and Small Cap I still have shorts not doing so well with that going on two weeks!
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Todd Rosenbluth Jun 13
begin trading today as offers aiming to benefit from perceived long term mega trends in markets.
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thestoxlab Jun 14
RT tsx_tsxv "This week we welcomed two new from Middlefield and ! "
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Morningstar Research 16h
Replying to @vanguard
Just to put a fork in it--Even I am surprised by 's dominance of US passive taxable bond fund flows. (All of the data in this thread is survivorship-bias free and includes funds and .) I'd compare VG's bond dominance to equity now, but a rainy-day BBQ beckons...
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Todd Rosenbluth Jun 7
While new highs reached for indexes behind important to understand it is not driven by flows but demand for stocks inside like . Combined funds added just $1B on new money in ‘19 with these sector incurring outflows.
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TrendsInvesting ETFs Jun 13
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Quantamize 18m
Check out this article Benzinga put together using the Quantamize Platform and read up why you should consider adding low volatility ETFs to your Portfolio today. Click the link below for the full story:
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ᴋᴜʀᴛᴏsʏs 19h
Interview: Rich Powers on Vanguard’s ETF Costs, Innovation & Scale
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Asset TV Europe Jun 13
Learn more about a good year for , as assets under management saw an increase from 633.1 billion euros to 725.2 billion -
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Niko G Jun 13
Thinking today is a good opportunity to get some shorts on. . maybe short term spike in oil and defense stocks 5 minutes to
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ajax 22h
Don’t let the inevitable bad trades turn into disasters. Keep your losses small and live to trade another day.
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LGIM Jun 14
Are zero-cost indices a sustainable ? Our Head of Howie Li discusses why it’s time to ask the tough questions
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Chris Versace Jun 14
Replying to @RickDucat_TDAN
Good time to be in like and
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London Stock Exchange Jun 7
Delighted to be sponsoring the Global Markets Roundtable on 12 June 2019, London. Ivan Gilmore, Head of Exchange Traded Products & Global Product Development will be speaking on the Facilitating ETF trading panel. Register your place here
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. is tired of talking about cheap ETFs. Its upcoming "mega trends" ETFs will focus less on price, more on 'quality" of the 'engineering, construction and management' of the funds.
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BNK Invest Jun 13
Crosses Above Average Analyst Target
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Steven K Timbal Jun 14
There are hundreds of Exchange Traded Funds available. Should you invest in them?
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Jobs in ETFs 5h
New opportunity in - Goldman Sachs - CIMD, GSAM, QIS - , Vice President
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State Street SPDR ETFs 14h
The old “Sell in May” 🗓️ adage was a reality last month, with posting their highest ever level of outflows for a given month. Matthew Bartolini analyzes what’s driving higher, and where are going as a result.
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