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EMJ Oncology 15h
Would you like to refresh your memory on ?
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Bishal Gyawali 10 Oct 17
I know that feeling. At poster I was asked "but you can't ignore the PFS benefit these drugs are providing".
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S Manian Jun 3
Replying to @Th3Accountant
Update in showed a ORR 17% now at its 25% - solid ++
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Yale Urology May 10
"So we concluded that this is a viable treatment option for those patients with previous chemotherapy for urothelial carcinoma." Watch Dr. Dan Petrylak talk about the exciting results of the RANGE Trial at in Madrid.
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Elizabeth Plimack MD 4 Nov 17
Axel Bex: challanges/lessons from cytoreductive nephrectomy RCTs . ICYMI : deferred ?better than upfront CN 4 met
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ESMO - Eur. Oncology Apr 11
What happens when meets !
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ESMO - Eur. Oncology 3 Oct 17
Wishing Women for Oncology Italy all the best for their post- focus meeting taking place today in Milan!
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Pieter Droppert Dec 18
ICYMI Prof Kees Melief talked about the ISA101 HPV data presented at on a few months ago
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Jay 21 Sep 17
& the folk at are on top of the misleading data story. ... The little guy data better
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Ricardo Carvalho 29 Sep 17
Replying to @myESMO @mesmo
The presentations of "poster discussion" are NOT available too... ? Only abstracts of these sessions . Do you know when they will be available?
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Jacob Plieth May 18
Replying to @JacobPlieth
confirmed that the $62m Imfinzi number is almost entirely NSCLC, after NCCN guidelines inclusion post
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BLCAC 7 Oct 17
The latest The Bettye Harris Herald! Thanks to
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Dr. Paul DeSantis Dec 12
Replying to @BldCancerDoc
super early sessions can be tough jet lag etc like at
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ZIA 26 Sep 17
ROUNDUP: Merck's data on Keytruda/chemo combo for lung cancer takes early spotlight at ESMO
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Novartis Cancer 21 Sep 17
US Only: Attention US health care providers! If you missed , you can register to view virtual sessions here:
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Ricardo Carvalho 24 Sep 17
Will you make it available on Webcast the "proffered paper sessions" of ? Only abstracts of these session R available so far
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Jacob Plieth Mar 22
Replying to @BrianSkorney
"Immunotherapy that in some clinical settings is superior to TKIs" is far more guarded than B Escudier's "practice-changing, new SOC" claim at
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Veristat, LLC 21 Sep 17
Theresa Bruce highlights the latest discussed at .
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Novartis Cancer 5 Oct 17
US Only: Novartis is providing virtual access to sessions you might have missed. US HCPs, register here: .
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S Manian Jan 24
Stifel : vs Raised PT From 14$ to 29$ 👇👇
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