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eNCA Jun 16
Leader Julius Malema says 16 June 1976 must never be forgotten, so it will never be repeated. But he says apartheid government leaders still owe South Africans an apology. Courtesy
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Pauli Van Wyk Jun 18
lost their appeal application against in the / matter today. But, luckily for the EFF, the court showed them what strong a case the party would have against me should I be wrong in the matter. It’s a win, I’d say. 😏
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L Jun 23
The harm she has done. Is incalculable just like and their ilk they care nothing for people just to further their own agenda of a dicktatorship. We all know how those end in SA
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realflyingdutchman Jun 20
Replying to @eNCA
and will blame for this problem.
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matome w senyolo 3h
What are the politics of the ? I am really confused. Now Julius Malema even like and retweet Nxamalala’s tweets. I think these guys are just crooks who are just trying to protect their ill-gained monies. They attack whomever they see as a threat.
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Musawenkhosi Dlamini 16h
Guys what's wrong with the EFF? They said Zuma was better than Mbeki, then they changed Mbeki was better than Zuma. Now they are saying Zuma was better than Mbeki and Mbeki failed with flying colours ! Which is which?
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Ms Adams Jun 23
Wake up my people. Thank you ❤️✊🏽 UK EFF
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Anonymous_ZA 2h
Dear This is the very effect of socialism. This is the very thing you support in the . The state has their fingers in everything, and they're failing (SOE's) leads to uss being over taxed and a shirking economy. Therefor loss of employment.
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betterSAforAll Jun 23
Replying to @AdvBarryRoux
Because of politicians holding back the economy: wasting billions in taxes - money meant to help give opportunity to the poor economically illiterate policies of socialism, violent speech & asset expropriation No wonder global investors are pulling their money out.
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Kholouis Sape Jun 23
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Rusi Kathoke 21h
Replying to @Ara_16V
Not crazy, just the way the operates.
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Samuel Rapau Jun 20
is honest. Half of bread is better than nothing. He did not promise big things that he cannot deliver. is time to act not to always critise the action before the actual actions.
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LISA 18h
Replying to @Nathi_MfokaJobe
That's the superior logic in that most of loyalists like you lack.
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Ngoako Kunta J. Kganakga 1h
Replying to @TimModise
The arguments I hear to fix our economy is look at what the Afrikaners did why don’t we do the same? This is lazy and doomed to fail. We should be asking what’s good for us blacks and what must we do. Only the much maligned dares to think alternatively. Next.....
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mj Jun 20
Replying to @phindo_X @IOL
If we give a chance we are dead. Eff would plunder and steal like but worse. has already shown his thieving colors. Don't forget that he was little boy
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Enock Audio Jun 20
lol yah neh with their own style
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@Borchie Jun 23
loses another COURT CASE against it OWN MEMBERS/WORKER'S
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StoneCold Jun 22
Replying to @stonezn
Now some of us even think now our best option is to go to parliament. We angry at old people in parliament as we feel are blocking our chances of making it as MPs. Parliament is not for every young people. Look at how young MPs were bored during SONA19.
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Poks@pokwana 4h
Replying to @alfred_cabonena
Thanks to , and certain white individuals for keeping remindìñg that we have to chase this FAME.
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Vusi Mphazima⏺️ Jun 21
2000 job loss ,I hope is gonna hire them
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