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Dr. Mike Todorovic 🧠 Nov 15
ECG (EKG) Basics in under 2️⃣ minutes‼️
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Chapman sign: Acute MI with LBBB on ➡ notch in upslope of R wave in lead I, aVL or V6
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Wellen's : Biphasic (up and down) T waves or deep T wave inversions in V1-V3 from subtotal proximal LAD stenosis
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Pathologic Q waves ➔ old MI > 40 ms (1 mm) wide > 2 mm deep > 25% of QRS amplitude OR if seen in V1-V3
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ECG Basics: LBBB QRS > 120 ms No Q wave and monomorphic R in lead I, V5-6 ST + T wave opposite of QRS
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Mounir Basalus (Ⲃⲁⲥⲓⲗⲓⲟⲥ) Nov 22
Replying to @jesssicrap @ecgrhythms
This is one of the first ecg’s. Currently it’s persistent AVBIII
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Hypothermia "Osborne waves" or J waves Shivering artifact
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Sinus Bradycardia : Heart rate < 60 beats/minute. Name at least 7 causes.
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This is artifact NOT atrial flutter Patient has Parkinson's + tremor Her hand was stabilized at end of ECG
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Dima Nasrawi Nov 17
Well done Lisa and team, it is great to shed the light on this
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Know the difference between sustained and non-susteind VT ➡ sustained if > 30 seconds or symptomatic
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R:S ratio > 1 in lead V1: RVH Posterior MI RBBB WPW Type A Lead misplacement Isolated posterior hypertrophy
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JEM_Journal Nov 19
JEM Case of the Week Answer: Wide complex tachycardia so electric cardioversion done but unsuccessful. Note elevation in terminal 40ms of AVR classic for sodium channel blockade. Pt had flecanide toxicity. Tx: Sodium Bicarb.
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Vibha Amblihalli MD MPH Nov 22
It is "not really" calm before the storm.
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JEM_Journal Nov 17
JEM Case of the Week: 58 yo F w/ history of afib, crohn's, DM, and angioedema presents from SNF with hypoxia, and AMS. BP 92/62, HR 121. After managing her airway an ECG is obtained below. DDx? Next Steps? Answer Thursday
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VivaLNK Nov 20
3,000 patient study on atrial fibrillation using wearable ECG monitors
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LearnTheHeart ECG Nov 15
ECG Quiz Daily 84 yo with chest pain
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Nicole De Leon Nov 16
Thanks to for his excellent presentation on EKG. His sense of humor and his great teaching skills left us wanting for more lectures with him. Big applause. Thank you for coming to our internal medicine program.
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Cody Stephens Go Big or Go Home Foundation Nov 16
Replying to @Todd_Sharp
We absolutely love working with you, Coach! Thanks for being our partner in saving young lives through heart screening
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Sydney Nuwuseb Nov 15
Replying to @kaaningilamo
🤣🤣🤣🤣, from now on service will be stream live from MALAWI
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