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Ishani Jan 13
Durgapur Girl Evolution of ‘shy’ girl surprised JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh’s family too | Cities News,The Indian Express
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Splendid Digital Sol Jan 12
IFSA Fire safety training institute in of West Bengal, India.
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We For News Jan 19
Sixteen women were among 17 arrested as police busted a sex racket operating under the guise of a spa-cum-beauty parlour in 's town, police said. Photo: IANS
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, review: It is on prime location of Durgapur. Hospital, market, bus stand, bank, post office school are on walking distance.
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SAC Summit 2020 Jan 15
5th South Asian Cities Summit 2020 is glad to have Durgapur Municipal Corporation on-board as To know more about the summit, visit -
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Digital Hashtag Jan 16
Team Digital Hashtag Has Participated in the Job Fair Organised in Durgapur at ITC Fortune Hotel. Nearby 30 candidates have appeared for the interview. we are hiring candidates for the role of digital Marketing, Graphics, and web development.
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Bardhaman.Com Jan 19
বিউটি পার্লারের আড়ালে 'মধুচক্র', দুর্গাপুরে সিটি সেন্টারে বিউটি পার্লারে পুলিশি হানা, আটক ১১ মহিলা Via : Presenting 's news since 2003 |
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বিউটি পার্লার থেকে ১৬ জন তরুণীকে গ্রেফতার করল পুলিশ
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डाइनामाइट न्यूज़ Jan 18
जब ग्राहक बन कर ब्यूटी पार्लर में घुसी पुलिस, अंदर का माहौल देख उड़ गए होश via
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Kolkata Bus-O-Pedia Jan 17
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Iqcity Jan 15
Outdoor spaces that bring out the sportsman qualities within you. Presenting IQ City at Sovapur Durgapur, West Bengal Ready Possession Homes/ CC Received To know more, visit
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BOOMBangla Jan 14
মূল ভিডিওটি আসলে একটি অচল বিমানের যা ট্রেলার-ট্রাকে করে বয়ে নিয়ে যাওয়ার সময় বিমানের মাথাটা দুর্গাপুরের একটা সেতুতে আটকে যায়।
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The Draft Jan 13
A truck carrying an abandoned aircraft stuck under the bridge in . The news was maliciously publicised as inability of the 'Indian' pilot to differentiate between runway & road.
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