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Paul Mackie May 3
In 2013 I wrote and in 2014 we just filmed the bastard and in the very first scene one of the characters said Zuckerberg's a cunt! It's not my fault you didn't listen is it? Anyway sorry and 🀐 say no more
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Paul Mackie Apr 29
Replying to @paulmac708
I used Twitter to produce 3 feature films including Breathe Easy which was shot in 10 Countries by 20 Directors and also the world's first entirely Twitter sourced film which you can watch here if you haven't already
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Sarah England Feb 28
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Paul Mackie Jun 9
Watch β€œ - 2015 (Full Movie - English)” on
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Reel Vanessa Wells πŸ’¬ Jan 29
So intrigued by 's forthcoming film... Check this out! (And previous work like )
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mytwocents Jan 28
Give this a watch You won’t regret it.
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