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Felix Schwarz Oct 12
127 days have passed since I requested entitlements from . , meanwhile, has shipped. Still didn't hear back. Has anyone?
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Giga Joule Jun 17
Anyone has any idea how to implement an IOSCSIPeripheralDeviceType00 type of driver using for ? ? Everyone keeps on talking about serial or USB drivers, but I got an oldie that needs to be updated - and I don't know if its even possible.
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Purple Dot Performance 30 Nov 18
Shout-out to the guys at high-quality driver drink systems 🙌 Check out our stocked range here ↪️ or contact us for details on custom kit
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J is evolving past Darwin Jun 4
Traps: #76-7: kernelrpc_mach_port_[type/notification] #96: debug_control_port_for_pid (+new ent) Syscall.h: #217 fsgetpath_ext #532-534 coalition_ledger,log_data,memorystatus_available_memory new policy: EndpointSecurity.kext Vol2 will cover
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DCD785C2 20V MAX Lithium Ion 1/2" Compact Hammerdrill/
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Felix Schwarz Jul 8
Replying to @felix_schwarz
then, seems to offer what the doctor ordered. But even though you already need to get an Apple dev account, a Developer ID and notarize the dext, access to DriverKit is further gated by an entitlement you have to apply for. Why? I've yet to find a good reason for that.
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Guuzaka 30 May 18
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Scott Knight Jun 13
I took some of the sample code from the WWDC talk and turned it into an almost working project. With some fudging I got my system extension to start up when plugging in my USB thumb driver.
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The new domain name driverkit .com has been listed for sale at , buy it before its gone! click here:
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ĸyle plaтнe 13 Jun 14
Stoked! I just received my uber . Apparently they send you an iPhone. Can't wait to start…
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USA Select Commerce 3 Jan 17
Check out M18 1 2 Inch Cordless 22CT New 2701 via
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Inssch Corporation 15 Jul 17
50% discount Vastar 62 in 1 with 56 Bit Magnetic Driver Kit
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deals 17 Feb 17
Save now on DEWALT DCD785C2 20V MAX Lithium Ion Compact 1.5 Drill
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DealeXtreme Sep 20
33-in-1 Driver Kit Precision Screwdriver Tools Set For Precise Repair Maintenance Of Laptops Phones Game Consoles Watch Price:US $8.99 /piece Get it now>>
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Glenn Ramsey Oct 21
I have a user space USB HID IOKit driver that needs to be updated to for . There is no documentation. Any ideas ?
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Scott Knight Jun 12
_iokit_user_client_trap: mov r10, rcx mov eax, 0x1000064 syscall ret
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Modern Trends 4 U Jun 25
Use promo code "GREAT" and get 15% Off. $149 "12volt Max Ec Brushless 2speed Cordless Pocket Driver Kit" 🔥Free Shipping in U.S. & Canada🔥
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ShopDilla 19 Dec 17
Get Milwaukee M18 18V Li-Ion 1/4" Impact Driver Kit w/ LED Work Light for $109.99 Link: 👈 ⚙️⚙️⚙️
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Marin Ace Jun 3
Your dad called and said to tell you about this amazing 64-piece in time for . We wanted to so we wrote a mini about it:
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David Fumanelli Nov 20
Early Christmas present from ! 2020 kit is 🔥, thanks for the cool stuff 😍 quottoitalia porsche_italia
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