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John Ryerson Jul 14
Almost 60 per cent call Ford government corrupt in new poll via Staggering fail , Torontonians already knew that of course
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Ontario New News Jul 12
Which will be the bigger number...Lawsuits the Beloved Ford Government faces, or resignations linked to top unelected dog Dean French??
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Charles Adler Jul 17
is traveling in Canada this summer. No matter where he goes he is bad news for A conservative is a conservative is a conservative.
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Charles Adler Jul 18
If wants to support dairy, I get it. They helped him win leadership. But when he says is not science based & promises to change it to favour dairy, he's emitting the kind of flatulence you would expect from
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Theo Moudakis Jul 18
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haimo Jul 16
Stopping hallway healthcare while chopping the most vulnerable. Really? Get rid of him.
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brendan ar Jul 20
Andrew Scheer as Ponzi-scheme webber
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Penny Gill Jul 20
I‘m in Quebec now, where people are fully aware of ’s egregious governance, & view it as typical of current degrading of right-wing political policy & “leadership”. It has wisened them to empty sloganeering & opportunistic politicians à la
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Clarice Cohen 22h
This is what happens when you binge watch videos. 😂😂😂
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🌈☘️🍷 Jul 20
So that’s British Columbia and Quebec who are very aware of and his fraud & corruption.
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... Just Sayin' Jul 20
Replying to @GlobalNational
He hacked another person to death / walked away from facility / got through airport security / boarded a plane full of people who could have been in serious danger and our media focus on calling this lunatic a “nutcase” Pretty shameful display of media manipulation
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Ontario New News 3h
Premier Ford let the cheese slip off the cracker...again. He let his former chief of staff orchestrate a pension board shakeup the day before he resigned. via
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lacanada 5h
Replying to @KenWestEsq @kennuck
Guess you’re finding out about misuse of tax money by politicians. is among the worst of shysters and you’re stuck with him.
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ERIC 15h
Hey fat ass I hope you're getting ready to go back to your little sticker business in 3 years time.
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Michael J. Folks 9h
REMINDER: Doug Ford peddles this racist crap and his clapping seals should be forced to answer questions about it.
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Colleen ❤️🇨🇦🇮🇪🏳️‍🌈 Jul 20
Replying to @CTVVancouver
All of these people are going to be the same ones complaining about and saying "I didn't vote for him", well some one did.
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Ivan ZS Jul 14
For(d)(Some Of) The People.
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Tim Murphy 🇨🇦 🏳️‍🌈 👨‍🚒🍪 18h
All in a desperate attempt to divert attention from the shitshow from in Ontario and the crash test dummy that is their leader.
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ltmcdies 🇨🇦🥂 Jul 20
Replying to @CarolRReid
Is this like in house "news channel" paid for by the ontario taxpayer
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Feisty Jamaican Jul 19
and are going about ending the wrong way by adding more useless "consultants" and cutting the budgets of public health units and primary care teams
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