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Anna C. Kraszewski Oct 7
If could just go ahead and jump up to a dollar or even 50 cents, that would be super great. wanna make some hype? Lol
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Did you know that every weekend the Crypto Casino gives out hundreds of dollars in free Crypto?🔥 Simply create an account and join our live game chat. This weekend's coins: - Ends 10/13 9pm EST.
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Dmitry Crypto Oct 9
Never thought the day would come I would tweet about doge.. 21MA as support we don't want to close below 0.0000002700. Retweet if you like:)
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Wolverine of Wall Street Oct 11
To win 5000 DOGE coins you MUST: ✅Like & Retweet ✅Follow ✅Tag 3 Friends 1 random winner will be chosen on October 13 2019! Good Luck!
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Samu 21h
In Indonesia is leader after BTC GO, GO, GO!!!!🌖🌖
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Georgia Rakusen Oct 7
Some more of the original Doge dog, just because.
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Samu Oct 13
The Moon is more and more visible!
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Dogenode 6h
Please be informed at this moment, there is currently no official date for the launch. We are only plan and expecting it to launch on October 17, 2019. But it is not yet official. Please follow our twitter for updates from time to time.
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VoskCoin 11h
Looking at the pup you’d think we were mining Doge! What coin(s) are you currently mining?
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Dogemoon Oct 14
unity for the yearly pump! Whales are pushing with massive buywalls! 🐕🚀🚀🌙
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Crypto Joey Pie Fingers ✌🏼 Oct 9
Replying to @xrp_news
Thanks for the heads up, just sold all my for 👌🏼
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Dmitry Crypto Oct 13
Replying to @Dmitry_Dima
1st target hit +15.07%
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You can now deposit Dogecoin!☺️😆
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CryptoBOUM 14h
The only position I've at this moment
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( #777 ) Airdrop/Giveaway Available to each FNB holders\new registration\active users Have FNB get more Retweets and follow 🔄
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Uha 40m
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🕸🎃CoinDoggie⚡️🎃🕸 Oct 13
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J¢🤟Gif-Master Oct 12
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Meepo 5h
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Samu 13h
Replying to @Crypto_Bitlord
You are right. You are an excellent trader. will amaze everyone. See here:
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