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Federico Burato 21h
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Annie Smith Jul 18
- and here's today's footage of cars blowing through the intersection of Heath Street and Tweedsmuir Avenue. Clearly, a crosswalk is needed.
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Joanna Jul 18
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BillyEightyEight 4h
Replying to @CNN
It would be nice if Rep. Elijah Cummings actually cared about the children of Baltimore City & the rest of his Congressional district even half as much as he pretends to care about the children that were brought into the US illegally.
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ChrislovittGarcia Jul 14
Replying to @CNN @ICEgov
GOOD JOB !! !! ! !
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Daniela 11h
Quick rant: I HATE picking up other people’s slack at work
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J Harms Photography Jul 18
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LEE Volleyball Jul 17
Rebel Volleyball try outs will be August 1st 5:30-7:30am and 4:30-7:30pm. August 2nd 5:30-7:30 am and 4:30-6:30pm. Plan on mandatory parent meeting August 2nd at 7pm in the gym
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U🇺🇸S🇺🇸A! Jul 17
Replying to @ananavarro
First time since 1990... get FACTS OUT.
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elissa taub 9h
Replying to @USCISCuccinelli
You're not the head of ICE.
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Pete The Impeachment Cat 6h
Replying to @SuMoh7 @HeerJeet
She’s acting like she’s not even on our side!
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Meaghan Kristin 13h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Ok. You know that you are the last person to be critical of stuff like this right???? Stop temper tweeting. ? .
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Kristal Alfonso Jul 18
(haha, just joshing,,,see what I did there
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Judi 9h
Replying to @SenSchumer @SenateDems
How many years have you had to do something about the border?
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Capitol Comments Jul 16
Replying to @ABC @SpeakerPelosi
Sadly, won’t support it.
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FiredUp! 9h
You don't seem to have the chops Senator. Hope Hicks doesn't deserve a do-over. We are supposedly a nation of laws.
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jess 🛸 19h
really just lost me $100. Thanks. Shit didn’t come to my house, also it was late as it is.
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Thru Hiker Jul 18
Every message you post that doesn’t involve impeachment inquiries just pisses me off.
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molly phillips Jul 18
Replying to @RepMarkMeadows
I have followed you for awhile now. You are the representative for my district. I don't ever remember an original policy idea ever tweeted out by you - only this garbage designed to divide us all. Be better, Representative.
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JerseyCraig #SuperGay Jul 18
Good Morning , When do you plan on working? When do you plan on overseeing a functional senate? is passing bill after bill in the house, she’s doing her job. When do you plan on earning a paycheck? Sincerely,
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