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Shane Tews Jun 25
The Act: Should regulators or consumers shape the information economy?
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Fred Campbell Jun 24
Check your settings if you don't want Google tracking every move.
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Daniel Jun 17
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Lightweight website visitor's , special for CSS/Canvas animated applications, for smooth animations with no FPS drops. Learn more -
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Irene Kamara 25 May 18
The new website respects my preference 👏👏
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Samsung Internet Dev Sep 3
We've released 8.2 Beta! Read what's changed here including addition of the preference.
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with respect to policy, lightweight, without reduces, and half -
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Alan Hamlyn Jan 23
After using Firefox, content blockers, do not track settings, NoScript, ublock origin, a VPN, https everywhere and Firefox containers, DuckDuckGo essentials. Why would anyone go online without them? Why would anyone use Google Chrome?
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Tanya Forsheit May 6
I’m trying 2 avoid b/c I haven’t watched last night’s yet, but I need 2 say this. I am told some people think “do not sell” under does not implicate . It absolutely does. The drafters interpret to mean .
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chris roberts 13 Jun 18
When a web based service will not work in a TOR browser you're being tracked to the max
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Jorge Sebastiao, CISSP Oct 16
, the Tool Used by Millions of People, Doesn't Do Anything...
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Fatemeh Khatibloo. Rage-scrolling™ champion. Feb 28
Every time some <ad industry> person tells me "people don't care about their privacy," I remind them that MILLIONS of people enabled in their browsers. Industry just decided to IGNORE it. And here we are.
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#BlueForSudan, Rab Nesbitt #JC4PM2019 20 Apr 18
Replying to @blepharon
Personally I've always seen state surveillance and corporate surveillance/tracking/profiling as two sides of the same coin & sought closer control of both. But in 2008 not many people were interested in that fight.
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SecurityTrails Mar 1
Do Not Track(DNT) will be looked into by regulators in the EU. What this means is that DNT might actually become enforceable and not just a voluntary agreement
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Carolin Escobar 12 Nov 17
A lot of learning in course2, week2 at . My new blog post: about Tracking & Privacy Online.
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Pierre Lannoy Jul 11
If you want to obtain statistics on headers sent to your site, I suggest you my new free =>
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Sharannath Mohanram Oct 15
So much for the from browsers such as , , . With more users' time spent within apps, this won't be fixed & it will be the sole reason for the rise of VPN ad blockers
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Tinfoil 2.0 😱 17 May 18
The U.S. *REALLY* needs a GDPR-like baseline privacy law.
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Mike O'Neill Nov 20
I have blogged about the intrinsic opacity of the IABEU's Consent & Transparency Framework, comparing it to the far more transparent W3C's . We need a European standard universal consent signal & API, building on the work
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The Consumer Voice Dec 3
Letter to EU Member States | The reform of is necessary to make modern online communications confidential & secure. Consumer groups, NGOs and industry call upon countries to see it through: Context:
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