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Emily Cupit 24 Apr 17
My short film count is up to 4 this next month RIP to my wallet
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Connor Jackson-Sevy 26 Dec 14
Filming an EDM show.... I don't even like EDM...
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Nicki Mayo Aug 24
🌟Get it !✨ Remember that GoFundMe I posted & reached out to you all to help my mentee move to her first on-air TV job? Welp here's a clip from her very first on-air PKG. She's on the desk & MMJ reporting all next week.
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Josh Roberson FOX 8 5 Oct 17
When you're trying not to pass out on live TV.
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Milf 10 Mar 14
Replying to @FrancesWang_
β€œ: Shooting standups at tonight's premiere of "Single Moms Club"... ☺️ ” ayee!! So proud😊😘
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Local Sports Anchor Feb 3
Ugh messed up doing highlights tonight. Thank god I get a second chance during morning sports.
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Cora Dickey Apr 7
Basically, all of my potential standups between now and Friday are essentially for networking.
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Aisley 🍩 Carter 30 May 18
Dear John Fanta, We’re gonna need you to run the red carpet and get interviews as guests arrive...Talk about a unique highlight reel! Thoughts?! Please and thanks πŸ‘πŸΌ
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launa evans 19 Dec 17
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Katie LaDuca 6 May 16
Get to watch the show with Carl and Jess tonight!!
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Meagan. 12 Dec 17
When you SMASH your coverage on your newscast!!
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Bryan Fonseca Aug 19
Replying to @NaomiGreyTV
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