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TruthBomb 22m
Two faced snakes in the grass.
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Boris the Irish Water Spaniel Feb 25
I should imagine that the first flight will be full of woke virtue signalling celebs that actively campaign on climate change such as Leonardo Decaprio who has already booked his seat.
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Jeff Backmeyer 17h
Saw this sticker on a van and thought of the song by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young...Teach Your Children!
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S Fair 8h
I thought it was dreadful how she was attacking Piers when he wasn’t in the studio! Awful woman! Literally couldn’t have been more up Harry’s arse! Why couldn’t Harry have Skyped or got a boat to the UK
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Casey Lewis 24h
Jesus doesn't even mention abortion. And if you want to go there, your god kills more "babies" through miscarriage, stillbirth, and severe birth defects, not to mention the already-born women he kills in childbirth. Go yell at him about "thou shalt not kill."
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Marty Feb 24
LMAO!!! How can you go around advocating for workers to be unionized, yet for your OWN company, you refuse or try to diminish it?!?! The left is truly the party. Everyone else follows these rules but Me, no no no. I do it my way.
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Moira Feb 25
Me going straight to my 10% lactic acid serum after doing a 30% AHA peel
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Huey 8h
another anti Islam loon purporting to be one of yours. Has some views on the McCanns which might be libellous, has a problem with grooming gangs, but some of the girls on here might be a tad young. ?
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RoGuE AqUaRiUs Feb 25
He also thinks stop and frisk without probable cause that primarily targeted minorities is good governing 🚨
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jBam 14h
Replying to @BernieSanders
How many lunch debts could you have paid w ur 3rd home?
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Lil_Miss_Anisha Feb 23
The irony! He spent all afternoon telling me that all Muslims are terrorists and then got his ickle feelings hurt when I told him his awful grammar suggested he was claiming benefits as no one would employ him. Why are bigots so sensitive?
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Pirate Gal 🏴‍☠️ LiLi Montana-Txt TRUMP to 88022 Feb 24
The AOC Tapes: Rep says she got goddaughter into Bronx charter school via
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DeckadencE Feb 22
Peep the footy. My inaugural run down around the cliff bands. Glad there was enough snow! Watch the full vid on YouTube. Let me know if you wanna go try it sometime. It’s way more fun and safer with a partner! 😅
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Liz♿ 7h
Replying to @DailyMailUK
So he flew all those thousands of miles to tell others not to fly thousands of miles Another case of
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Angelette Aviles Feb 24
AOC says she got her goddaughter into a Bronx charter school, yet won’t advocate for for everyone else...well b/c Democratic Socialists are not in favor of !
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I Hate People Feb 20
Replying to @benshapiro
Love how Bernie sarcastically told to “forgive me” for his summer house. The blatant hypocrisy is INSANE
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Joe V 10h
Replying to @SenFeinstein
Funny you same pin heads HAD NO PROBLEM when your GOLDEN COW OBAMA did it.
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kristen luttge Feb 25
glad one of your fine officers failed to yield to a woman in a crosswalk.
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Mike Honcho Feb 26
Replying to @Tommy_USA
She believes in it for the 99%
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MSB Feb 18
Bezos owns a Central Park apartment, TWO homes in Beverly Hills totaling 18,000 sq ft, a 400,000 acre ranch in Texas with a 30,000 sq ft home, a 30,000 sq ft home in Medina Washington, and a 27,000 sq ft home in DC. What’s Jeff’s carbon footprint?
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