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Unyime Jul 1
Day 26&27: I worked on perfecting my app's authentication system and user's profile dashboard.
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Hospitalized. I. Guilty but Wlwill be taking break from . Won't stop coding even if I am on deathbed. Will be coding and tweet. It just won't be part of the challenge. Will start over the challenge once discharged from hospital.
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sudip kandel Jul 2
Learnt about how Django works by starting to read the documentation. Researched about all the functionalities in App routes and folder management in django Passing urls between apps and many more Feel free to guide me through
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Renato Violin Jun 30
This login webapp uses model in to perform face recognition and validate with framework. This is a "toy" application showing how to integrate those frameworks and perform database storage of face embeddings. Code and details:
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Kabir Nazir Jun 28
Day 17-19 R2 of Learnt how to build a basic Django app. Learnt about templates, views, url routing and built a simple calculator.
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Check out the full Django + Docker series: 1. Dockerize Django, Postgres, Gunicorn, and Nginx 2. Set up HTTPS support with Let's Encrypt 3. Deploy to AWS - EC2, ECR, IAM, Security Groups, RDS
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Adam Johnson Jul 1
Here's an example unit test for a form, covering some custom validation logic. A free extract from my book on Django testing:
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Adam Johnson Jun 30
πŸ€– Here's a simple view for serving a robots.txt from . See my tutorial for how this works, an alternative implementation with a template, and tests:
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TheEnd Jun 30
I got more likes than I thought, thank you for giving me like. I am very excited for Day 3 at
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Shahzaib Jul 1
Day [11-15/100] We successfully made a whole project of Blogs from Scratch within a span of 5 days. Blogs can be created after user login/Sign-up, & will be shown in a list with all the Blogs, then will be redirected to Blog Details page.
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Shadman Ahmed 14h
R2 Day 2⃣5⃣ of Added UpdateView and DeleteView based on the user authentication in the blog app.
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Plone CMS Jul 1
2020 Python Web Conference: Over 260 attendees from 6 continents, with Python experts presenting on 40 topics including Plone, Django and machine learning.
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Shivam Kalra Jul 1
Day 1: Started on my with reading docs and finding stuff that I haven't read before. I kinda lost track of time and got caught up on small features of Django and forget to tweet before midnight.
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volks Jul 1
One of my best Samuel L. Jackson's performance..Killed it
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Fernando Lr Jun 26
Day 84 of the challenge Today I just took my course. [84/100] βœŒβ€πŸ’»
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Mwabini Son Jun 28
is the next level hosting. Get a for your and for as low as $3.99 per month
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Eccentric Digital Media Jul 2
still THE BEAT PART OF πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ still makes me cry laughing
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Fernando Lr Jul 1
Day 89 of the challenge Today I continued with my proffessional website. I used a nice template in order to don't waste time designing and spend more time focusing in the programming logic with [89/100] πŸπŸ’»
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Shahzaib Jun 26
Day[10/100] Implemented pre-defined templates for Login and Sign-up Forms, restricted the home view with login_required. Added an ImageField in the Models of Products App
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Ian Vohler 21h
Damn it, I just managed to speed up my tests by more than 300% with not setting user password in user factory for test data.. I knew this method is slow due to hashing but didn't expect it to make such a big difference in my tests
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