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Tribunus plebis 30 Aug 17
Replying to @clairlemon
its insurance against shakedowns by thugs like the ADL and SPLC
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ElaineFox 3 May 17
Don't mess with the
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Adama Juldeh Munu Jan 28
I absolutely loved this piece . The struggle for inclusivity is taking a new turn for people of colour- where our full selves and opinions are being excluded for a splash of brown amongst a cloud of white.
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mark hilltops 17 Aug 17
works both ways but we need to look at education and both sectors effected by lack of men
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ElaineFox 16 Aug 16
And that, boys and girls, is why we have the
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Professor Nareen Young 9 Oct 17
. It could perhaps start by looking at itself. Great piece. Cheers.
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WirelessKFC Jun 15
Replying to @getongab
just the tip of the iceberg of the
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Europe issues ... 18 Sep 17
"Where the has given way to a new aristocracy. Whites are completely in serfdom. Diversity keeps them in line."
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Barra Ó hAodha 🐌 Jun 29
Someone is paying attention I see. Look up the , see how deep the 🐰 hole goes...
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ElaineFox Sep 13
Replying to @vdare
But there seems to be an entrenched that is heavily invested...
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Ein Starker Mann 🇩🇪🇫🇮 Sep 29
Replying to @HbdNrx @greeneyedbecky
It’s all related to where the money and power are. The diversity industry is what is driving this.
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Ein Starker Mann 🇩🇪🇫🇮 Sep 23
Replying to @lucyfrown
Finally! Someone with a voice speaking out against the diversity industry.
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JonProArt Sep 20
Blacks are a living swiss army knife for the Jewish restructuring of society.
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an Fómhar Aug 4
Replying to @framegames
James it's due to the , the corporate sector are front loading with Diversity propaganda so as to ward off possible lawsuits. Look up re this.
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Aydin Holidayinn🎄🍸 Jul 22
vid on the Starbucks thing was great. My next topic is going to somewhat cover the Papa Johns fiasco, which I think is the same thing with the
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JonProArt Jul 10
If what has been breaking down on 's channel ever bleeds into the public consciousness to even a minor degree, the would find itself on life support.
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an Fómhar Jul 5
Replying to @analyser105
It's pre-emptive, they have to be seen to be publicly very pro diversity and LGBT to fend off legal or media attacks from the . See this thread:
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XYZ Jun 26
"The hard work and sacrifice of our forefathers to build nations for our progeny is quickly coming to the point where it was all for nothing. We are giving it away."
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Thoroughbred May 9
Here is how this reads: "I didn't make it in the AFL, I didn't make it in the NFL. So now I'm crying racism to get my pay day." Possible diversity industry heist ?
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an Fómhar Apr 23
The title of the book too is an exercise in propaganda. Fanning plants his tawdry seed in impressionable minds that immigration will be 'the making of Ireland'. He is one of many that benefit from the , willing to throw his country under the bus for a few bob.
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