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George Clarkson Dec 1
At long last... Volkswagen emissions scandal: class action begins in UK
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Justin Byrne 4h
Are we in to #2 ??? Volkswagen headquarters raided again over diesel scandal
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sam mahoney Dec 7
Ta-dahhh. ceremony With and me Sammy Sausage Rolls
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cut plastics Dec 7
Replying to @Loco_Nomad
Never forget
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Steve Gravytrain Nov 30
BREAKING : New footage just in from Mayor's office of when Kev told him local and national press were seeking his views on
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DieselgateUpdates Dec 4
October 9th 2015 VW Australia recalls 90,000 cars affected by defeat devices
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Autoesque Dec 2
Quantifiable losses from might be difficult to demonstrate in the High Court. However, it'll be interesting to see whether or not the claimants' lawyers try to get exemplary damages awarded.
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Jack Reacher Nov 30
Not at all.Only a critical observer of the declining guzzler OEM´s and their fan bois
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Michelle Joe 13h
VW Headquarters Raided Again as Dieselgate Seemingly Never Ends
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New Electric Ireland 8h
"Land Yacht" a diesel that has now driven more than 100,000 miles with an electric motor 😀🌍 Isn't it time we all the cars instead of shredding them?
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New Electric Ireland 6h
Replying to @BlackTopMediaUK @EvBmw
imagine what would happen if we got access to the cars 🤔
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Mick Ogden Diesels Dec 5
VW had a chance to fix it, and yet they continued to try and hide the fact they had a defeat device
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Simon Gompertz Dec 2
Replying to @gompertz
VW response to the case today: “the claimants did not suffer any loss at all and...the affected vehicles did not contain a prohibited defeat device”
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Mick Ogden Dec 6
Responding to the allegations, VW's management board member for legal and integrity, Hiltrud Werner, made it clear that the allegations would be contested in court.
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Eagle_Eye 3h
Replying to @VW
Even the cheat was not hidden good enough...well maybe the new cheat-code is much better hidden 😉
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TeslaOwnersDFW 14h
Replying to @jpr007 @newmediaguynyc
I had lot's of 's in the past, and I can tell you that as soon as I heard they were involved in I vowed never to buy a car from them again. Why doesn't everybody else ? I after all, It was one of the biggest scandals this century, No ?
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Omen Sulk Dec 7
Replying to @EVAdoptionTweet
It is committed as part of the American settlement.
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Brian Jantzi Dec 7
A positive 1st step, but needs to do better than that to atone for the fraud. Why not become "the peoples' electric car company"? Lead the transition to EVs rather than follow. US States are using VW court settlement funds to buy EV school buses.
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KritischeDoDo Dec 7
i will make sure off that right
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New Electric Ireland Dec 7
Agreed, historically conversions very expensive. We're pushing through this by sharing all hardware and software, we even teach people how 😀 We want to see mass conversion of existing vehicles especially cars 🌍
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