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Foreign Confidential 9m
is a dysfunctional extended family posing as a country |
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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Nov 9
Human beings find their true meaning through . has no meaning with limitations. Any limitations on freedom leads to .
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Scott Clarke Nov 13
It really says something about your "democracy" when you work so hard to prevent having all the ballots counted. ?
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Thomas Peng Nov 16
Yea right! Like we're just going to believe in anything you say or do??! Not a chance! An oppressive regime, known for lying, denying the truth and will do anything to cling on to power for 30 years and counting! Your days in power are numbered!
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Garyfalia P Pitsaki 5h
Replying to @venetiarainey
It's was actually an order by the military junta, not by 'a' government. Cause there was no elected government during the 7 years of the dictatorship
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j michael seyfert Nov 15
& = Adroit Cultural Appropriation: was raised in S. Central LA. Her deadbeat dad Tsihay Reda Haddish was a from . Tiffany's success is 100% yet claims her
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Sharpy Nov 15
I'd just like to say.... Fuck
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Yosief Tewolde Nov 16
What is different in a ? I am blocked on using from/by of and of . Supposedly, pro freedom of expression entities! Singer said 'ኣይትኹን መመኽነይ' don't be excuse seeker! Absolutly fitting
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Justo J. Sánchez Nov 16
Hey, get used to it, your friend is not running a . Try to spin it but . Your friend treated in a way that not even treated him. ! .
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DevushkaSW#NHS#GTTO Nov 16
Replying to @Ekklesia_co_uk @DWP
We've had it! They're not even pretending now
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⌛️ News You Need To Know Nov 11
You can hate the other party. You can think they’re the worst thing that ever happened to the country. But then you work harder to win the next election. When you consistently reject the results of elections that you don’t win, you want a .
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AmCan Nov 14
Replying to @HulingRichard
Forgot no more free speech
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Zimbabwean Leadership Magazine Nov 16
Now they are anti progress because they dont share the same views with your leader? That's
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Nattering King of Segues 4h
Never fear! This is America and Michigan is down a touchdown to a field goal early to Indiana's running quarterback. If you can't find the ethics office, Trump will scream about you in speeches to alert his brown shirts to "2nd amendment" you to the right decision.
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That could happen.... but only after breaks out. The more likely option in the event of a civil war would be the emergence of a backed . Either way, it’s an UGLY ROAD to a truly bifurcated nation. P.S.- GLAD I AM OLD!
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Chris 9h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
The enemy of the is the who deflects issues related to him by sources with and then calls the the the enemies of the people. Sounds just like a
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Lynn Donnelly Nov 15
Replying to @emmajhorgan
This will be you 😂
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ross elsewhere Nov 13
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Emmanuel Brown Nov 15
Replying to @JoeNBC @soledadobrien
in our own 👀 eyes
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Vote November 6 Nov 16
Another Trump cult follower/supporter This is what the President of the United States preaches and inspires. Mississippi GOP Sen. Hyde-Smith calls voter suppression 'great idea.' Campaign: 'Obviously' joking. via
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