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Wendy R. Acho 7h
Big Brother: China’s chilling dictatorship moves to introduce scorecards to control everyone — ’S will introduce personal scorecards where citizens will be monitored 24/7 and ranked on behaviour.
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Badejo Tosin Sep 17
Replying to @chaplinez70
Uncle Charles this is to show you the fate of Lagos relies on only one man and his entire household
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Raymond Asongwe 3h
essentially becomes a MouthPiece of most brutal of committing on EnglishSpeaking . This is turning into a Rogue Organization
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Abdullah Bozkurt Sep 13
tells his critics to move abroad if they don't like his gov't in , yet he deprives them off passports & travel documents. When critics had no chice but to try to cross into illegally, they were detained like criminals with spouses & children.
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Michael Lima Cuadra Sep 14
The face of vs the face of . Amaya Coppens, a 5th year medicine student at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de León is being accused with outrageous fabricated charges in reprisal for her participation in the Abril 20 protests
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TORNTournaments 6h
Twitter blocked our twitter then magically unblocked it 🤔🤔 --
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Adjani OKPU-EGBE 14h
1stly, Improve ur writing skills be4 u embark on critiquing a seasoned award winning author, 2ndly doesn’t need love from a corporate-interest-motivated individual downplaying a genuine revolt against . ’s biases enforces
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NATO Officer in Exile 5h
If you don't tell the truth, you don't want anybody to tell the truth.. 's
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Numan Sep 7
“retirement age, 74” - PPM life expectancy of total population is 75.8 yrs w/ men at 73.5.. this means an average maldivian cud be dying at work.. hence, where is the retirement? often cruelest public policies in a is realistic; else it’s unrealistic.
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Tambe Okakis 14h
This is a case of another ambitious lady seeking her own golden statue from a blood thirsty . instead of saying no to .
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Sebelius29 Sep 12
Replying to @KafirAir @fordnation
Thanks for proving you just another right winger who can't accept that people have including the ability to stand up to Conservatives like who is trying to quash constitutional rights.
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Jennifer B Sep 8
Replying to @sreuling
This is not about but how corruption is destroying the foundation of what our country stands for. is attempting to turn it into a . The economy appears to be doing better but the am seeing the downside of the tariffs
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Pierre Mallia 2h
be careful who you align with is no better than Orban. Suppression of freedom of speech is his mantra. Ask him how many times his gov ordered the removal of memorial ? Answer 17 times and counting.
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Jeremy Taylor 9h
Replying to @riders1friend2
You shouldn't buy low-quality made junk in the 1st place. Duh. Not just is it poison but by buying their junk you're financially supporting an anti- whose the enemy of our . This common sense, Alice. Don't buy substandard crap.
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Mahatma Trini Sep 12
Replying to @CP24
If you don't like living in a then move!
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Angel Hernandez 23h
Next time you want to delete something please make sure you delete it from everyone's mobile cache. I'm sure talked to your boss asking to delete the tweets to say the least /cc
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Bolton Lib Dems 14h
Replying to @Musyclaire @LibDems
It sounds like you are. The fact you’re advocating against a liberal society where people@have the freedom to live their lives as they see fit without state intrusion suggests that’s very much what you are advocating.
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Ashoni Sanket Sep 16
Founded Medical board for 's treatment 3 of standing member of & assistant of . People of refuse the Board & immediate refer to a private Hospital for proper .
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Nick Donnelly 23h
I'm sure the people who go missing in the dictatorship of Abu Dhabi would love some of that water. Tell me, do you ever think about them being tortured in front of their children during matches?
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Dictator Watch Sep 4
The Uhuru Kenyatta thought they'll railroad Mwilu with the support of their army of bots. It backfired. So they've resorted to the age old tactics of pillorying opponents in their dying media. What a shame. They can't make a case on evidence so in come the guy..
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LynneM 🇬🇧🇿🇼💕💎 Aug 31
This is pathetic, desperation & a sure sign that ZANU PF did not win the elections!
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